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Google Captcha in login


Insurgency was being purchased on many user accounts and nobody knew why. The answer is: robots…or ‘bots’ for short.


You now have 2 Chrono Coin-likes. You should have more. I thought it was obvious why the Captcha was introduced. It’s almost funny how some of the user’s complaining like it’s the worst thing they’ve ever encountered managed to find this one thread, then spent the time to post in this thread (the time it would have took to do multiple Captchas), but also apparently never even glanced into the Insurgency thread. I am grateful we have Captcha around - it’s protecting me when one of you guys end up in IT at a company with my personal info someday. I hear Equifax has an opening as security admin:upside_down_face:

Just had counter-rant.


I agree. I still can’t believe the folks at do such amazing work with such a small team. It’s like how one single guy does Game Jolt, which it just a shout-out to him.


It appears the system is back to being as slow (or almost as slow) as when it was introduced. I hope this is just a glitch or a test.


Hmm, we’ve made no changes on our end. We’ll look into it.


it seems to be a tiny bit random (maybe from googles side/programming?)
like you can get the car or roads captcha, and for some reason those 2, sometimes, will just spawn for a long time
don’t know if it’s because of clicking too fast (because they are so super easy to spot, and when reappears can almost click done before it’s finished loading), or what, but those 2 are the only ones i’ve seen, after the fix, that sometimes drag out, for me (and when they drag out, boy do they drag out lol)
on average/the majority of captcha’s i’ll say they are definitely “normal” now, after the initial launch


After logging in daily for a while now I can only agree that the appearance of the ultra slow ones seems to be quite random and down to bad luck. How fiendish.


Who needs to purchase point & click games, when you can just play craptcha…


Today is going well :stuck_out_tongue:
Every time I log in have to use craptcha, I click coin thing, have to log in & use craptcha again.
Make purchase, guess what…
Go to grab my key, same result.
Meh, I’ll give this sale a miss I think, at least finally (I think…) got one game from it :wink:


so since the forum section has been getting Captchas too, i’ve been getting those "unending"Captchas that plagued the initial store captcha
it’s like “this” captcha server doesn’t even understand it’s own task, no matter matter getting it right (or wrong) it just sends you on and on and on, -gotta say i’m reaching my limit at 10th attempt to convince it what a firehydrant or bicycle is :wink: (or that a bridge section is indeed not a stair) :smile:
-and i know i know, it’s partially my own darn fault for not saving cookies once i’m in, but can’t we get the store side captcha tweak on the forum log in too please :pray:


I too, find it immensely irritating, and have in fact stopped using various sites due to their implementation of Captcha - not exactly deliberately, but just as I cant fathom the effort to click through a minimum of three seperate captcha’s each time I wish to log in.

In fact, rather ironically, and despite already being logged in - Chrono wished me to fill in another Captcha just so I might like the original comment!


yall need more soul. you only get the captcha if the algorithm cannot prove your humanity,


I can’t help that, I sold mine when I was young and foolish… and before the implementation of these fascist Captcha logins, making us souless folk feel inadequate :frowning:

Also, wow, I just realised how late to the party I am on this… 2017, whoooops!


I so rarely get asked to do the Captcha that often I forget that it’s there. I bought a new tablet recently and logged in through that last night, didn’t see it at all.

Go play Dark Souls, get some back really quick…


I tried that, tried asking the Devil for a refund, tried listening to soulful Jazz and Blues, but Captcha just acts like none of it happened.


Use more tracker blocking add-ons and then you’ll notice it all the time.


You’re missing one.


the benefit of captcha is when their server borks out and you get to sit there and pull your hair out, -because an ai is trying to convince you a fire-hydrant was not a fire-hydrant… and wants to punish you by retaking your “human exam”, 10 more times
(no idea what’s been up with humble captcha lately but damn did they get weird and spammy for me)


I think DoubleClick is probably getting blocked by my Pi-Hole DNS.


Ah, so it’s my tracker blocking that is causing the excessive Captcha demands?