Google Captcha in login

I was logging in today for my delicious free coins and what do I see? The unholy abomination of Google Captcha.

I can’t begin to describe how annoying and frustrating that thing is. Even today on I had to fill it no less than three times before it decided I had wasted enough of my time feeding Google’s insatiable desire to teach their neural networks. This implementation is also particularly sllooooowww in fading away the pictures you choose making the process even more irritating.

If you’re having trouble with bots, please, PLEASE consider other alternatives for hardening your defenses because it’s things like this that make me want to login less and ultimately forget otherwise nice sites entirely.


honestly i have to agree that this particular captcha was a bit insufferable
(for a moment i thought it or my browser was broken due to me completing it, correctly, multiple times, yet still insisted on popping up another and another)

buuut i figured it was just either a kink of being new or work in progress, and that it wouldn’t be so annoying in length/behavior going forward (hopefully)

do keep an eye on it tho Chrono, i really hope it’s a launch/learning phase, because spending 3+mins on captcha will get old fast in the long run. I’m all for safety, (foil hat and all that), but maybe something slightly more functional/user friendly (than today’s captcha at least), if it weren’t just a 3min “glitch”


I’m only getting the checkbox, “I am not a robot.” If it stays that and not the one where I have to enter words from blurry pictures or fuzzy words or any of the other annoying ones then I don’t mind this.

If it always asks you to click on images, try my method: circle your mouse two times around the box before clicking it instead of going straight to it. Since I’m doing this I almost never have to click the annoying images.
Apart from that I totally agree with you that adding the captcha wasn’t a good idea in the first place.

Likewise, also found this abomination on the site today, meaning I can’t purchase any more :frowning:
google captcha is what stopped me buying on Indiegala & Bundlestars too, such is life.

I did ask them about it on twitter & the reply was:

“We definitely don’t intend to keep it in place permanently, we’re working on a more elegant solution.”

Can confirm I’m /r/totallynotrobots/ :wink:

Oddly, no problem with logging into here, just the main site.


it’s funny because on bundlestars i get this [quote=“Elocin30, post:3, topic:6127”]
I’m only getting the checkbox, “I am not a robot.”
just click and accept, nothing ever pops up,
yet here on chrono it was multiple after another i got. And going from that quote would seem @Elocin30 had nothing pop up here, just check accept
weird how that works so differently for people/per site/from time to time

tho it seems odd if captcha is down right preventing you from purchasing/logging in (unless it’s a conscious choice/“protest” ofc whenever encountering it), don’t think i’ve ever had such captcha happen to me in that fashion so badly, tho i’ve definitely encountered enough annoying ones to despise it lol

Of course you would be the one to wear a tinfoil hat…


“there ain’t enough foil in the world my dear sloth”
-wait, a talking sloth?!?
*fetches extra tin foil

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Could not agree more.the most user unfriendly and annoying thing any website could add to their login.This one here is so slow to reload and its a clickfest now just to enter the site
Please remove this useless trendy so called security feature and save us all a lot of misery.


I think this might be because of the recent Insurgency issue. So unless you want 6000 coins to disappear maybe put up with it for a little while.


i get that, and i’m all for extra security or such(:+1:for 3step verification :smile_cat:)
but this particular captcha seems obnoxiously slow and testy… (at least the ones i received here today), which not all captchas are, so maybe some slight tweaking could be in order at least

i just got pranked didn’t i? :thinking:
well played sir

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Hey all, like @NewBanana mentioned, we’re not intending this current implementation to be a permanent solution, but we wanted to add another layer of security to help prevent unauthorized account access.

For now, we’ve gone ahead and dialed the captcha back a bit so it should be less annoying. Please bear with us!


Ahh so that’s what’s going on. I was wondering if security was being increased, because this definitely disrupted the flow of using the site. Thanks for adjusting the settings and giving us the update!


Thanks @lonin, it’s definitely better now.


Kind of amused by the amount of moaning about this. A bunch of people just had their accounts compromised just a couple of days ago, so sets up increased security as a result: Gripe, gripe, gripe.

Thanks @lonin for trying to keep our accounts safe with what tools you have available. Though some of the captchas are getting dumb recently and I keep failing them too.


This. 100 times.


Just thought I’d mention that I signed in yesterday on mobile and didn’t get a Captcha. I’m not sure if that was intended or not so in case it wasn’t, thought it was best to point out :slight_smile:.

Edit: just signed out and then back in and got the checkbox so whatever that was it’s now irrelevant. I probably just signed in before it was implemented or something. Should’ve checked before posting but it’s first thing in the morning and brain isn’t working yet :grimacing:. Sorry!

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i attribute this to all posts i’ve ever made, so you’re not alone :smile_cat:

That more likely down to folks not using a decent password on their emails/ accounts isn’t it though?
Just like Equifax using Admin/Admin :wink:



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Poor passwords and no brute force protection makes it incredibly easy to get in. By just adding captchas you do increase the difficulty by a fair bit. Though of course with more sophisticated methods that’s still not secure.