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Google Captcha in login


see that’s why i always just leave my passwords blank :smirk:, sophisticated by being unsophisticated, they’d never think of that :relieved:


Now they know.


it’s okay,[quote=“Gnuffi, post:11, topic:6127”]
i get that, and i’m all for extra security or such(:+1:for 3step verification :smile_cat:)
blank password is just the first step in my personal 3step verification


Well it is tedious when there’s no ‘stay logged in’ option.



  • close
  • the browser"
    (AOL - “always” online)


I get the need for something like the CAPTCHA abomination, just maybe show it only when there have been 2 unsuccessful login attempts (or even 1), not the first time you try to login. This way you don’t annoy your users and have better security against brute force attacks.


Can we have the Chilean number station authentication? One where we actually need to set the frequency on the radio, rather than uh… Solely relying on turning it on expecting it to auto-select or whatever this video example showed.

(Warning: There IS one curse word in there.)


First time poster. Came here to say this: Captcha that wastes my patience and time is the way for me to abandon your website. No amount of coins are worth it. Sorry if you have some problem you think this solves but it is insufferable.


Also my first post here. Wanted to mention that if this annoying captcha stays, I won’t. I’m not going to waste that extra time and effort on a daily basis. Every time I see it I already get annoyed. And now, unfortunately, every time I visit I get annoyed. That’s one efficient way to make sure that I won’t come back here if it stays.


It’s almost as if people want their accounts compromised… :dizzy_face:


We’re continuing to tweak the implementation along with working on fixing the sign out bug that’s causing people to get signed out far more often than they should, which is exacerbating the issue. Please bear with us!


i mean, i totally 100% agree with the grievance of the initial captcha,
but sincerely, after the tweak, it’s back to regular speedy 3secs’ish captcha as with most places
and if people have an issue with something that slight, (even without taking in the security measure of it), it’s 3secs tops now, if you can’t even spare that, (even steam takes longer to Guard verify lol) then it might be time people look at their priorities in life and sense of comfort-qol tolerance levels lol

i was bugger annoyed the first day, this is perfectly acceptable and fine (imo), no other than bundlestars, humble, (humble even uses both captcha and verification), i guess these people never notice that on those sites, or gog/steam verification times on browser/client switch/off client

as always appreciate the update @lonin, and the constant tweaking you guys do
i don’t think a tiny bit of patience is out of order to ask or give
(but again that’s just my opinion, and as we all know, i’m clearly proved mad as a squirrel)


What? no! It actually works for me xD If circling doesn’t work you can try shaking your mouse over the box. Basically do any useless movement around the box as if you were not used to using computers and trying to check the box. That’s how the captcha sees you’re a flawed human. ._.


Ctouw working for SkyNet? :thinking:; confirmed

joking aside, maybe it was just my browser or plugins that affects it somehow so the trick didn’t work, dono … :smile_cat:
(wouldn’t be the first time my browser makes weird stuff happens, it have made me see both lemurs and monkeys, probably why i love it) :joy_cat:


First time signing in today since the captcha started, how long ago did it change from the annoying one to the ‘I’m not a robot’?

People are seriously complaining about robot captcha?

If you already come to the site everyday and log in everyday just to collect coins but robot captcha is too much for you. I want to know where this magical bubble land is, it sounds perfect and wonderful.

Please remember that this was instituted because some people had their email addresses and passwords nabbed from somewhere else and if they used the same password here some of them had their accounts compromised and Insurgency was bought without their knowledge.


I’ve had verification on humble, have never seen a craptcha on there :scream:


i have never logged in without getting asked to do a captcha on humble (i’m not just pulling the claim out my arse)
and everytime i want to get my keys (i can purchase fine without), i need to do verification (2step thingy where peeps send you an email/code),
it has been that for i don’t know how long on humble, for me, can’t see why it would be different for others with accounts there (unless you somehow could/did manually opt out of code verification thingy, or are saving like crazy all and any cookies as if there is no tomorrow)

come to think of it, i’ve actually had plenty captcha requests, when just buying a bundle/at the payment step, when/where i wasn’t signed in. So either way, i had to do a captcha.
(this one i remember very easily, because a captcha bugged out, and had to refresh which was enough for the price to rise almost 2 dollars in the span of a single page refresh/few seconds, i’ve always “pre-signed in” after that)


I had this happen on another site unrelated to gaming, put something in the cart, continued looking at something else for a couple minutes then went to checkout and the price had risen, can’t remember how much, it was many years ago but a significant amount. I immediately cancelled the transaction and left the site, I was so mad I swear it was on purpose because it knew the item was in the cart. Damn skynet.


indeed :smile_cat:

tho on humble it makes sense when that re-captcha issues happens
since if buying the mid tier bundle the price swing up and down, and sometimes depending on the bundle it can vary “wildly” in even a short span of time
it really didn’t help there just so happened to be a couple of 100$ purchases(i wonder if they remembered to change where their money goes :thinking:) gone through in those seconds lol
ever since i “pre-sign in”, i’ve never had the captcha issue on bundle purchase payment(since it’s on sign in now), so no refresh ever then :smile_cat:


How often are people supposed to get logged out? I get logged out every few days, I kinda wish it was a week at least.