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Good, fun, cool, weird, silly, etc. game-related YouTube Videos you recommend



full-blown WoW nostalgia right now!

dem feels, :cry:


Dem memories man. I now remember that epic 3 hour ‘duel’ I had in STV in Burning Crusade. Just my lvl 39 Orc Hunter and that lvl 41 Dwarf Hunter, and the entirety of STV as our battleground. The only help either of us accepted was from travelling mages giving us water/food to use when we found the time (mostly after being the one left alive, or rarely if we found a good enough place to respawn that gave us a few seconds to eat/drink before being found out and attacked).


i don’t think there is a game i both miss and “fear”, as much as vanilla + tbc WoW
some of the most fun gaming experiences i’ve ever had, but also unfortunately scarily “addictive” to me,
-the 1 game i’ve played more than any other,
and definitely fond STV memories aplenty, :wink:

(not my vid)
that arena chest… all that fun, -for an almost worthless trink :joy:
good times, STV definitely one of my fav places in the world, so much going on


Aah, STV arena. I had many a fun time in their with guild ran events or just general fights most days.
One memory of going there on my level 70 Undead Shadowpest whilst waiting for RBG group to log on one night, only to get there & find two alliance level 80 DK’s already there.

Ah welp, I’m stubborn & dived right in, A shocking ten or so minutes later, one DK came back to its corpse, res’d & stood on the seats, obviously had enough of dying. Second DK took a few more kills before he packed it as a bad job.

Lo & behold, the chest spawned. I looked at the DK’s, they didn’t move. I nipped over to the chest, DK’s still didn’t move. I started to open the chest &…stupid Horde Rogue appeared & killed me lol.

Just tried to find clips by Mr.Beebles, the famous Owlkin that did Space Oddity & others. I’m sad, all of his clips on both youtube & warcraftmovies seem to have been removed :frowning:

Ah well, here’s some ancient dodgy game clips from when I played instead :wink:


So you guys haven’t heard yet?


yup, already saw, @Whitishmink posted a “reminder” too :wink:


haha, nice try, I’m not falling for…/opens_youtube_channel.
Mkay, it’s right channel, must be an April fools…Nope, correct date…

WUT!? :smiley:

lol, my old guild leader text me other day asking if I wanted to join him on a dodgy classic server, turned it down because didn’t trust the files etc.

Wonder what this’ll cost to use, or if just part of monthly sub as a bonus.
Or perhaps even ran on back servers, like Guild Wars is on gw2 servers.

Either way, will be keeping peepers on this.
Fire Mage time again \o/


yaaaaay, 1 button raiding
lol :wink:
(vanilla mage was bis fun max casual afk raiding kek, tho prob not as much as keyboard-faceroll arcane later) :joy:


Only time I ever did raids or dungeons was when waiting for the other pvpers to log on haha.
Or towards the end when guildies wanted quick boosts or their achievements (shudder).


yea but in vanilla, there was no “pvp” stats like resi, so best gear came from pve until field/grand marshall gear/weaps was added (which ofc also became obsolete with later pve raids unlocked)
so the more pve you did, the bigger an advantage you could have in pvp :yum:


Panic mode engaged hehe.
Hmm, I guess if have to do pve to get gear, will have to see someone else play it before I throw money at the monitor :wink:


unless they do something to balance out the grind, i seriously doubt it’s gonna be worth pay2play formula like before
especially with fresh started servers, omg -0 economy, the grind will be ridiculous combined with everything
(1k gold mount lol, “easy” to get on a server with pre-established economy, but when people only run around with silver to buy/sell on AH, you’re left farming trash just to vendor it lol) :joy:
aahhh, the good old days;
-when gaming was a 2nd job rofl


Perhaps it’ll be like my Guild Wars back end servers comment, so free to play about in, as long as got an account of course. That could mean overload of trolls/hacks etc though. Oh wait, that’s the normal game anyway hehe.

Perhaps they’d roll it out with some economy already underway, just to get things rolling.

Hmm, do you think the guildies will be miffed if I text them at 0100 in morning to let them know about this Legacy stuff? >;)


Oh, ooh! Just saw “Vanilla AV oh my…” on another forum. Hadn’t even thought about BGs, was thinking more wpvp.

Now my interest is through the roof :smiley:


i’d assume most that are nostalgic for vanilla knows what it was like and entails
like, fewer flight points (with unoptimized paths), 2 boat points only, lvl 40 mount 60% speed 100g, lvl 60 mount 1k gold, “expensive” skills, expensive respeccing, X-days amount time to lvl 60. Loot tables, unoptimized inventory and buffs, unbalanced pvp/classes, raid bugs/“exploits”, 1 sided bgs, command/macro limitations, “old school” grouping/dungeon finding, etc etc etc
oh, and ofc, lvling every weapon skill, including “unarmed” :joy:
etc etc etc…

i’d think most people were aware of at least a few of those things already when wanting to play vanilla for “old times”-sake :smile:

gd damn i loved it…
best gaming time of my life :blush: (only rivaled by tbc)


Just had flashbacks of telling a guildie he could level his unarmed in some cave in Outland’s first area. By time I got around to that, had already been removed. But, as a squishie mage, I’d rather stick to weapons & out of range of enemies hehe.

Reminds me when I first saw Dragon’s breath spell & thought “Why does that exist? Mage are ranged”. Oopsies :sweat_smile:

I do think there’s an overload of rose tinted glasses, but it’s not like much competes with the game.


hehe yea, so much changes over the time (no dragon’s breath in vanilla either, blast wave works tho)
but see, it all depends on “what vanilla version/patch are they starting” from, there were so many changes even in the beginning… :dizzy_face:
having played 1.12 for most of the time post Cata i think even my memory is both lost and tainted about all/what differences there were in “vanilla nilla”,
so much depends on “when/where”, and how they start
(tho i’m sure someone will remember to have “nerfed rogues” +reck bombs anyway lol) :joy:


also just to keep up
(and because it somehow reminded me of tbc)
here’s a vid for you all as a break between the wow nostalgia gushing :smile:


Talking of Skyrim, this mod could be fun :smiley: