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Good, fun, cool, weird, silly, etc. game-related YouTube Videos you recommend



Found this cool video about video game history here in Brazil. Take a look at our crazy versions of games and consoles, ahaha :space_invader:

In english with subtitles available.


a recent meme post reminded me of something
i watched this, (in full), so you have to too :joy:

i always think it’s kind neat when you can like a game very much, yet still nod along in agreement with someone else’s criticism or “nitpicking”,
-tho sometimes, maybe a “briefer” analysis could get the same points across :smile:


Going to have to add this one to my to watch later list.
Here’s another analysis video that I highly recommend you all watch at some point

This is like feature film triology like in length but they go deep into Fallout 4 and all the DLCs and I found these and all his other videos very interesting.


As a S.t.a.l.k.e.r. fan i really enjoyed this video.


My brother still plays neopets for some reason unknown to me and this is just so accurate I can’t.


Been scrolling through my favorites and found some gems, enjoy!


Hahaha! I laughed with Trevor and his sick moves. Dude dances better than I ever will. :laughing:


5 secs in and i’m like, sheeeit, planet of the winstons here we come

6/5 pastor troller :joy:


wow, i had no idea how crazy brazilian taxation and import are on some things like electronics, hooooly hell you guys are getting ripped off, 1800$?!!?!, no wonder you “need” grey markets like that

-brazil gaming industry be craaazy :dizzy_face:
good watch



honestly i thought it was a mistake when the vid said/wrote that ps4 price
since a lot of mentions are thrown around on steam how brazil get cheaper (digital) games than others at times
i sorta just assumed that “regular” stuff, like the accompanying electronics, ofc would also have a similar “cheap” price point, since some places like brazil, aren’t exactly famous for their high average/median income and “purchase power” (or whatever all that stuff is called)
so when i looked up the ps4 to check, and it actually said 1800$ then, #¤&*! :dizzy_face:
-sorta blows you on you ass when you then find that some “regular” stuff costs 4x what it cost in the (supposed) "expensive countries"
the more you learn…
(don’t think i’ll ever feel right about whining about some electronics prices/tax here again lol)


No need to apologize dude, you are certainly right. There are literally lots of issues here beyond the exorbitantly high taxes, I could easily make a book if i started to list them. I’m currently trying to find a job just to save some money and make my way out before things start to go seriously downhill.


mario 2018 -prepare to get called “dark souls” edition


That’s basically Cat Mario.


Just now got around to watching this, it was great. He made a lot of well constructed points and comparisons that I always kind of felt myself but couldn’t actually put into words when I just couldn’t enjoy Fallout 3. All I could say at the time was that it just didn’t feel like a fallout game, the same is true for FO4 unfortunately.

Thanks for linking it. Now I’ll have to watch everything else he’s made.

On a second look at his channel, maybe not ALL of it exactly.


yea it’s a bit of a shame he hasn’t done many more of such game analysis/retrospective critiques,


Friends, let me introduce you:



I can’t remember where I first saw this, but it still has the same effect on me as it did the first time I’ve ever watched it.
[Not Game Related]

As for my Game Related video!