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Good, fun, cool, weird, silly, etc. game-related YouTube Videos you recommend


thanks @Gnuffi


Anyone who notice the reference to the Ren & Stimpy episode will win an endless cookie. :cookie:


i could never quite figure out if these vids are funny, cringe worthy, or if i’m just jealous that i’m not paid to play video games, -but these people are

(not the same guy)

games journalism at its finest

(Doom 4/10 too clunky controls, health buggy -0 regen, needed more CoD cinematics + feelings -“press F” and tributes)
(Cuphead 3/10 too hard, too much Dark Souls not enough Mario)


The funniest part of these are how all the other incompetent videogame “journalists” rally behind them, writing articles about how it’s perfectly fine to be completely incompetent at something you’re supposed to be able to form an opinion on and then usefully communicate that to others.

Not to mention all the broken analogies to sports commentators who are not able to play the sports they’re talking about.

Makes it pretty easy to figure out which outlets to never listen to ever again.
Hint: All of them.


agree, i don’t ask anyone to be an expert at the subject they are about,
but at least have some moderate adequate competence if you are supposed to either review something, or be able to relay the essence of it proper, when you’re responsible for something that holds a status of influence
you don’t have to be “the best”, but at least have the decency to be average, or hand the reins over to somebody that at least has a minimum clue of what they are doing lol. :smile_cat:
And if no such person is around, just put the reins down (or controller) :wink:

on the other hand, i would probably still have enjoyed Top Gear, (just in a very different way), if none of them even had a driver’s license lol :joy_cat:


(and to those on the forum wondering my mention of CoD sometimes, well it’s because it’s the shortest acronym, since spunkgargleweewee is just that much longer even if more apt)

(reference point for those youngsters that don’t get it, Yahtzee covered the sentiment and difference of shooters or SGWW pretty nicely)

(the escapist has the vid in 480p, but of course, i just couldn’t link the video direct there in the same way for some reason)



i cri everytim


computer 101


This thread is absolutely hilarious. I’m new to Chrono, and I discovered this. It’s fabulous.




isn’t gaming elitism the best?

and nothing is more elite than Duke Amiel du H’ardcore, i mean, he’s a duke! so he would know :smile_cat:

(i love this character, was so hilarious when first introduced, glad it got a regular spot)

and just so you aren’t cheated out of some previous appearances


Some game play footage of Magicka:Wizard Wars (R.I.P.) done to some lyrics.


sometimes you just wanna play Mario Kart (but aren’t home yet)


best bunker 1998-2018




i love crazy
:heart_eyes_cat: :ghost:

(PS. Burn all the babies!!!) :joy_cat:

(PPS. Who else really really loved Tina?)



i love over encumbered in bethesda games :joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat:
was especially epic in new vegas when bullets had weight ahahhaha


man, i ran across this old vidya somehow today

member vanilla-nilla WoW? :grapes:
i member :blush:
(hilarious when something is so OP it gets nerfed into obliteration)