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Good, fun, cool, weird, silly, etc. game-related YouTube Videos you recommend


This is rather old by now but it’s an amazing series that I’d highly recommend to everyone.

And for anyone who has seen it years ago, they’ve started working on a season 2 now.


I really love that guy, very entertaining content, not just gaming stuff, but also about some deeper topics.
(the music he uses in his videos is also great)
It won’t hurt checking some of his videos out! :3


Rated R for Retarded.


"never go full retard"
someone should have informed Gorgeous Freeman of that :joy_cat:


It brings a joyful tear to my eye that this guy was hired by Respawn. Most people think it was for the Insurgency guns, but those people are just kidding themselves-- they were obviously impressed by the dankness of his memes.

Pretty much every hyper video is worth watching:






Michael Cusack made some good stuff, always made me laugh. haha

Now if you haven’t seen one of these, what have you been doing on the internetz?



can’t remember if we’ve had this on Chrono before
but aaanywho,


Love me some Retsupurae


i love the Co-Optional Podcast Animated, it’s just brilliant



and others wonder why we got horse armour
this is why, for those people right there
"hype boner"


Don’t forget the sequel


Oh, c’mon now, @Gnuffi … We NEEDED that horse armour, just look at what this poor horse had to go through, her life is torture in Skyrim, it may not protect her or do anything really but at the very least, we can make her look good while doing it. :wink:

I agree with you, btw. Now I long for those days, as we now have this tripe from Bethesda to deal with.

Yet we have CD Projekt Red who give you this stuff for FREE in between expansions that are way underpriced.

Sorry, I know this is off-topic but it really irks me. I’ll shut my yap now.


You just saved me from looking for my next post for this thread. Lol.

I honestly was just about to look for it after my last post to Gnuffi and saw you had posted it instead.


random videos


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You mean like this?
Well since this post is pointless now I’ll just restore it to save the space.