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I just hope game companies don’t see delaying a release as a bad thing thanks to Cyberpunk 2077’s console performance. I know people defended this, but I also hope that companies don’t use crunch just to rush out a product even with great financial incentive. Yes, I’m aware they aren’t forced to do so. No, it didn’t have to come to where the company would need to send out an email asking their employees about this.


oh sweet summer child
this is one of the main reasons crunch even exists, other being poor management ofc
what matters to them is pumping up fiscal year numbers and meeting shareholder/investor satisfaction by way of ridiculous manufactured deadlines.
not shipping a broken piece of trash or not working your slavesemployees to death only start to minimally factor in if there is perceived financial downside to arise from it greater than the immediate gains.
and the fact that people has show a consistent willingness to accept and forgive abusive borked releases because “don’t worry they can patch it mindset” means buggy releases has about as tiny a weight into that consideration as possible, because most of them actually don’t have much if any regard for you/us as customers




Still on my Steam Wishlist. Someday I’ll be able to play it.


Steam Winter Sale started today so there’s your chance.


Yep, sounds great.


Steam Wallet: $1.16


Maybe next time, then. :sweat:


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No big deal, there’s always Steam chat.


The generosity and general good will of the people on this forum astounds me every day. What a great community!


I read about yugioh and dinging and I recalled this. I searched and it hasn’t been posted yet methinks.






Happy New Year everyone! 2021 is gonna be so great, I’m full of hope. :blue_heart: And right on time for the end of 2020, I have a nice little video for you to share some positive news with all of you, especially those who experienced the golden era of Flash games when they were younger, just like I did!