Good, fun, cool, weird, silly, etc. game-related YouTube Videos you recommend


Cat version of bad guy cover by Bongo Cat.
Amusing to say the least.

My favorite is the Avengers theme by Bongo Cat.


Let me take this moment to shamelessly plug my own channel here. It’s a hobby I love but rarely get to do. But if anyone is interested and wants to give me a shot, here’s my newest video I recorded this week, about Among Us and a La Llorona themed horror game.

I love to read your comments on what you like, didn’t like and what you think I can do to improve.

Thanks everyone! :blue_heart:


Don’t really wanna keep promoting myself here in case I’m annoying someone, but I brought out two more videos I wanna share. I’m just very excited to get back into this hobby again, now equipped professional lighting (introduced in Alien Isolation) and finally an HD camera for my face as well (first used in the Dead by Daylight video). I really hope you like my new stuff, I put a lot of work and thoughts into it all.

Thanks for checking me out if you do :blue_heart:


Keep working on it @MattnessLP and check out NEXUS Might find some pointers from others…


Good ol’ Ashens with good ol’ reviews of famous console knockoffs.


:thinking: ^–> blue


Riot has investigated Riot’s pricing models and finds that Riot has done nothing wrong.

This is what whaling is all about. A very small number of people actually spend money on skins and f2p extras and they will spend whether the things cost $5 or $50. These companies know this and while it has better optics to charge $5 for a blue skin, you get a lot more money out of your victims the other way.

And why you shouldn’t play these games at all.
“But I had fun and didn’t spend anything” sure you did, but how much more fun do you think you might have had if the game costed $60 up front and the developers spent their time and effort on making a really good game rather than figuring out ways to squeeze part of the player base for more money?


my bigger grievance with this concept, besides the ridiculous concept existing in the first place, is when it takes place in full priced games. It should be straight up illegal to monetize that way and double dipping in such egregious fashion, much more when we are speaking about sht that is just a palette change.
I’m happy to pay for skins if i like them, as long as the price is right, but i also feel like what i’m paying for has to have some artistic “effort” put in, heck i’ve bought both cosmetic dlcs for grim dawn for instance. But a colour change should be fn free of charge…

or ubisoft, or bethesda, or activision, and basically any AAA company these days
^yet 60$ is somehow still not enough and the price “must” rise to 70$ too on top additional monetization :thinking: :man_shrugging:


Unless it’s an EA game. Then you spend $60 AND have MTX.



Aaand that’s why I’ll be only sticking with Warframe and Disney Heroes for a while.

Anyway, here’s a funny video.


I released some new videos, if anyone cares. There’s more of both games to come, as I’m having a lot of fun with both of them. But I got different things planned as well, just gotta find time to record and edit it all :sweat_smile:

What happened here? | Alien Isolation Episode 2

The Huntress is on the Prowl | Dead by Daylight Episode 2


@MattnessLP Cool to check them out later… so headachy atm.

For me to record a video, esp. with voice over, I’d have to find a way to edit out family squeaks and squaffles. Walls ain’t thick.


You can use NVIDIA RTX Voice, no post editing needed.


Step 1: Have an RTX card.


Not needed either, it’s officially supported on both R and G TXs.


Okay so revised:
step 1. Have a NVIDIA graphics card.


Yes, also brush your teeth and eat your veggies.


Oh, so you are an actual squirrel?

I use Premiere Pro CC for editing and that one has some good tools to deal with background noise.

Currently I record both my video and the voiceover simultaneously onto two different files using my Radeon software, and also use Audacity for a backup voicetrack (even though it’s not necessary anymore, since Radeon software recording works flawlessly so far), and the latter afaik has a tool or two for dealing with background stuff, I never tried those though.


Cool. So much stuff out there, it’s great to have some specific things to check out. ^^

In family, is one squirrel, one rabid BTS fan Bunny, one stepmom type who thinks she’s a DJ, and one dad who seems to think TVs evangelists are good background filler. O_O


And a jet powered fan.