Good, fun, cool, weird, silly, etc. game-related YouTube Videos you recommend


Well I’m still waiting for them to do a dating sim league. :joy:



Me: I’m bored af

The Internet:


If you love Lion King but prefer the cartoon version, check out this YT video.

This is the musical of Lion King. It is over 1 hour, but worth it!


Probably a lot of you know about this right now but it’s worth posting.



If you always thought that Microsoft and Tencent are big, here comes a “new” challenger which you never were aware of.


i think the reason most people weren’t “aware” was because of their name change, it’s not exactly been a secret that Nordic Games–>THQ Nordic was buying up almost anything they could get their hands on and had expanded massively

however, i think it’s very very important to note, that despite them being well off and having a ton of IP’s and subsidiaries, they are still just a mere fraction of Microsoft and Tencent’s billions - i think @Fraggles mentioned something about Microsoft just having like 70billion $ in cash laying around burning a hole in their pockets, that’s like 69x Embracer Group’s total assets - the “challenger”; goldfish vs whale shark


Wait holy shit is that Powerline in your profile pic??


If you don’t know who THQ Nordic is you’ve just not been paying attention. I’ve watched Bellular once or twice before, never thought he had much of substance to say and just spend his videos repeating himself over and over, just reading stuff of some site or simply be entirely full of shit.


@Gnuffi @Fraggles I admit I don’t follow gaming news as much as I do with the ones relating to Marvel and DC so I was one of those who were never aware of this company ever existed, so thanks for the info. So I was right when I put the word “new” between quotes, and yes, I should look for more gaming news on Youtube other than Bellular News.
But yeah, I hope they do a good job with all these franchises they’re buying, since I still hope for a Saints Row 5, heh.

@mert Yes, it is. He quickly became one of my favorites from Disney Heroes.


ngl, it makes me want to go back and play again, someone please neuralize me because I want the firsthand experience again :smile:

@edit Oh, there’s even a more complete version, pog


dang, i wonder how neat that would be for many games to people.

PS. now ask me if i ever played one of the Pokemon games :sweat_smile:


Have you ever played one of the pokemon games? :thinking:

I love the Gen 2 (GSC), my friend fights me claiming that Gen 3 is the best (RSE), but it’s mainly because he is younger than me and that’s his introductory generation into Pokemon :rofl:, but nothing tops Gen 5 imho, Black and White was so good, I even say that the short film they made to promote B&W is better than the whole Ash’s journey.

^ This also reminds me of a recent discussion about Genshin Impact vs Pokemon Sword and Shield graphics/development team/budget, I had some good laughs reading it.


nope, never, after being spoiled by the glorious combat of the anime i could never get interested in the games. Same reason i just can’t do TCG, when yugioh have these amazing cartoon battles, and you fire up a digital TCG and it’s just cards flipping and “dinging” at eachother :unamused:


So what you lack is the roleplaying :smirk:

It’s like playing a DnD campaing without roleplaying, hahah. The newer games have some serious animation efforts though, some moves are really impressive, I don’t remember if B&W had it already, but I’ve played Ultra Sun and Moon recently and they had some nice graphical moves, Temtem also does come with some nice animations as well. But of course it is nothing like watching a full animated battle from the anime. The games are more for the collecting and progressing with your little bois.


aye, and that’s definitely an aspect that would super bother me - heck wow was stressful enough in the early days with the minimal availability of collectible non-combat pets and different mounts. Trying to collect 200+ pokemon, going nuts over not getting a rare or pefect statted pickup would probably ruin my night’s sleep in the long run lol
^i didn’t play pokemon go, and with the announcement of some of the rare pokemons release, but only potentially collectible in certain parts of the world, still somehow raised my pee’s temperature despite not being invested in the game at all :rofl:

i’m definitely not good at “collectibles”, the envy of not getting my shinies desired is terrible :wink:


Yeah because when I play Cardfight Vanguard or Yu-Gi-Oh irl I expect to be able to imagine being in the Battlefield with realistic holograms that rival our reality or even occasionally battling ancient creatures in an otherwise mundane game of cards (I never really watched either shows much BTW so forgive the inaccuracies, though I did start playing Duel Links again).

If not for the constant push around the Web that spams these ads that can reach to the 10s value every day, I ought be more positive about it. Again, though, pretty sure it is the decision of the marketing and less so on the developers


not sure what you’re getting at, my point is, it’s a digital TGC, there is absolutely 0 preventing devs from making monsters or effects “actually appear” on the battlefield, and interact in a manner similar to the cartoons - instead you literally get cards bumping “heads”, yaaay what a spectacle… :unamused:
massively wasted opportunity when a digital game lets you be able to create “anything” and thus bringing it more to life and even in line with the “source material”


Tbh I see some people would prefer playing card games or similar types irl and making new animations and such would take up a lot more space and resources would need to be further spent. I agree that even as I posted it I realised my points isn’t what you were talking about but my best guess as to why digital versions of the games aren’t as dynamic as the shows and manga is to maybe ease in audiences who might be intimidated by playing the game analog as they may not understand fully their card’s true potential as well as playing it wrongly to where if they were to play with others outside their social group or even family they might get a whiplash and need to readjust their playstyle.
In other words sucker in a new customer base into buying overpriced card packs by familiarising themselves through a digital game first which may likely be considered a second rate production