Good, fun, cool, weird, silly, etc. game-related YouTube Videos you recommend


So here’s a guy who manages to make a 47 minute video seemingly in a single breath. He has this way of continuously talking and smoothly jumping from topic to topic that at first makes it kind of hard to keep up. You’ll start to feel like your brain has a 3s lag trying to process this constant flood but after a little while it becomes this weird experience where you don’t really HEAR the words anymore but just absorbing the information carried instead. The closest we’re likely to come to telepathy.

This is Shammy and for those of you unfamiliar with his channel, which I expect will be all of you, this video was a very long time coming. His channel has been mostly on hiatus for 2 years but before that he was doing some pretty good review work.

Check it out, he deserves far more views than he gets.


I blame this youtuber for getting me hooked on Total War: Warhammer 2, and ended up buying it during the current Steam Sale.
He does streams which I love to watch but he also tries to fix failing campaigns from other people who send their saves to him. The video below is one of his best, has a sequel and three livestreams based on it.

His name is LegendOfTotalWar and he surely deserves more subs than he has now.



Triple A market just gets better and better .


O_O The heck! It looked promising… Hope they didn’t microtransaction it to death. Gotta to watch this vid.

Edit: Hm… sad. No Man’s Sky did make a comeback, so maybe. Still from a big company like Amazon, ouchie on poorly balanced heroes.


These here are my thoughts alone from the very little I understand. Keep in mind I didn’t watch the YongYea video because I generally don’t really like those gaming news channels much.
I haven’t even heard of this game at all. Either it shows I don’t catch up to the latest gaming trends and whatever (ironic) or it really was some badly marketed game in hindsight. I’m all for expanding their business horizons I guess if it means survival (Amazon does not really earn a profit from the e commerce platform as far as I can tell) and hopefully they can learn something from this. Multiplayer games, free or otherwise, are a huge risk with every COD selling like hot cakes, CS:GO becoming free to play not too recently not to mention the other types of genres like MOBAs.
Seeing the Amazon Games lineup most of them so far according to the Wikipedia article are mostly mobile games, which is not necessarily a bad thing mind you, but going from there to multiplayer seems (again, seems) like a huge stretch. It’s great that they take some risks. Their other stuff they own and run like Amazon Prime and Web Services are used widely so clearly something is up with this gaming venture.
Even though we live in a post EGS and Stadia world where people argue that competition isn’t always a good reason to start a gaming venture only to fall and get massive backlash, I still think that if Amazon leaves the gaming business it might be a loss, however little it may seem. I don’t usually like to wish for a business to fail because they made something I don’t like and because it becomes too tiring to participate in it regularly. Sure, AAA studios shoot themselves in the foot with scummy practices and produce sub par games, but I just hope that if it wants to succeed, maybe they could take a step back and either go back to mobile games for a bit before a new medium sized, less risky project surfaces or maybe they can help fund indies and stuff.
It’s a lot to take in, but this is just me rambling on what little I observe anyway, so some of these things are not so accurate anyway.


Look who’s back.


My goodness, for any Diablo 2 fans, please watch this at the highest quality you can and fullscreen.

What a beautiful sight, 4k 60 fps chickens in town! I can die peacefully now. It’s so nice to see old games like this receive so much love from fans. There is also a small comparison that was in the video description:

Hopefully we can have this running in any D2 mod/server later if Blizzard manage to fuck up their remaster.


Probably not exciting for others, but…




My favourite youtube game critic, Joseph Anderson, has finally posted his next Witcher critique video, 2nd in the series. This time it’s just above 5h in length.

I have not yet watched it myself, I will save it for this evening’s entertainment. The first one was well worth its 4:18 runtime, I’ve seen it twice so far. I have no doubt this one will be worth my recommendation.

If you haven’t watched the first one, you should.


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While I’m at it, I’ll also post one of the best Clone Hero moments, ever:

Machinations A? It’s an arm-killer.


I’ve now watched the whole video and I for sure recommend it for anyone who enjoy the Witcher games or universe and want a greater insight into it. As with the first video and game he goes into almost every aspect of it, all it’s flaws and successes. I found it very interesting to see the story’s fully branching paths compared and contrasted against each other in this video. You would be hard pressed to attain this level of overview just playing the game yourself as it would probably take you 3, 4 maybe 5 full playthroughs while keeping careful notes yourself to do it.

I have to greatly admire the dedicate and amount of work Anderson put into this project and really hope some of you will check it out. Don’t let the 5h runtime scare you off, it’s very reasonably portioned out into clear chapters so you can watch it in bits and pieces as you wish.

“A place so horrible with people so terrible that the moral of the story commits suicide at the end” A rather brilliant line which I thought very well captures the whole nature of the game.


Darby (BTG) finally got to playing this awesome ROM hack of Sonic 2 where you play as Mega Man X. I’ve played and beaten it (haven’t found everything yet though) a few times…

Video: (lolz that thumbnail)


Time to watch this through carefully and then make angry comments about all the CRPGs that were not mentioned in the video, no matter how niche and unknown they may be!


Thanks, i’ll have something to watch this evening.


Oh shit I’ll get to become a bank robber in an arpg.

I’ll also leave Ziggy D’s video as well. He always goes into more detail since he gets invited to the studio to play some of it early.


I’m telling you, they’re running out of ideas, soon they will make you go through a rainbow portal and fight some unicorns and teddy bears.


:no_mouth: … this might actually be the thing that pushes me over the line and finally picks up PoE :blush: :+1: :rofl: