Good, fun, cool, weird, silly, etc. game-related YouTube Videos you recommend


@Danacscott, you may even say that I am crazy… but what does that make you?
Squirrel.exe is forcibly restarted by Code Takeo .


A baby shark fan. I subscribed to that channel. :stuck_out_tongue:


Way better than the original theme


When complete opposites combine to form something even more terrifying.


Hmm i might be wrong on this one so correct me if needed but ain’t Wardruna making music for Ass Creep Valhalla? Or maybe they are making music for new Hellblade… one of these two i’m sure.


Yes, Einar Selvik from Wardruna indeed works on ACV soundtrack. Wise choice from Ubisoft. Can’t say the same for trailer OST.



I played the temporary free time and it was more fun than the last time. Somehow.


Ducksu! I remember that one


This is awesome! Imagine the posibilities


That’s so neat. ^^


This is just so funny, I mean the game content, this isn’t a Markiplier plug. I mean the animation is so charming and funny (and a little violent to stick people).


It makes me nostalgically anxious. I call it nostalgic because I don’t get this same feeling with new games.


D&D Web-Series:

Blooper Reels:



This is why I never a fan of Mario type games - none of them.


I was more of a Rayman guy myself anyway lol



Like at this point it’s just exhausting and sad to see a repeat of these things happening to where I can’t even laugh because it happens so often nowadays that I feel more uncomfortable and depressed than amused. Like obvs the journalist should’ve been at least good at games (that’s how they get their jobs) but I feel that maybe they could’ve picked a more qualified person for the job.
At this rate one has to wonder on how long major game outlets like IGN, Gamespot, Kotaku and more would keep letting this kinds of avoidable problems happen until one day when something they publish is so universally horrifying and embarrassing that they practically cripple the company, lose all credibility, become a long term laughing stock (than they already are) and force them into a point where it is a skeleton of what they once were.
Some of what I say may have happened in some capacity already, and given what I perceive to be what I assume to be the community viewpoints (that being mostly anti-corporation pro-indie and creativity stance) it seems possible. I am moreso talking about a ripple effect that affects everyone working there to where they can never truly recover from it.


euh, no, they get their job cuz they graduated in journalism or literature or whatever, not cuz they’re good at games (not ever actually afaik)


VERY few game jurno has a degree in journalism, if any, they’re just bloggers with the right friends and opinions.