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This is most reassuring. I need to restart Witcher 1 and try to make it through… Gave up perhaps a little too early before. The other two games are just sitting waiting as well…


Step 1: acquire computer that can run Witcher.

I don’t think a craptop is gonna cut it.


Dont force yourself , it might just make your experience bitter with the remaining franchise . Witcher 1 is not a good game and that comes from a big Witcher fan ( me ) .

It’s only worth playing if A) you are a big fan of Witcher universe B) You are living in 2007 and it just released.

Personally i have beaten it twice , once around the time it came out and second time just before Wild Hunt showed up , i was refreshing my memory and replayed 1st and 2nd game to get ready for Wild Hunt.

If you are having hard time or just no fun with 1st you can go and play 2nd one because it’s way more approachable and fun.


I’m pretty sure almost anything that still boots will run Witcher 1, this game was made in the old Aurora engine.
Primary worry I think is probably hard drive space.

Strongly disagree. As mentioned already it certainly has a lot of weaknesses but the strengths it has nothing else had delivered before or since.


Also strongly disagree with this for what it’s worth. The first launch version was really a hot mess. You’d want to wait a year for the enhanced edition to come out. : )


Hah,i would like to disagree with myself sometimes as well though ‘not good’ doesnt mean ‘bad’ ,at least in my book.

It’s product of it’s time and budget mostly and i’m not blaming it for that.


I would definitely give it another go at some point in the near future. Work’s been exceedingly busy and so it’s not the right time to get into a lengthy RPG/series. But I definitely will, I want to experience it in order of the games.


I tired. Does not run on potato


New idea - try it on my rabbit’s magic box. It’s proper name is Microsoft Surface Book, but it so flat and light and it has this eye that looks at her and recognises her. It’s not natural. It’s not electronic. That is a magic box. I said what I said.





Bore Ragnarok!







“I can control all animals, but chickens are the best!” :chicken:


@Scribesake You… how did you even … find… can’t … wt actual …

squirrel.exe has stopped working