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Good, fun, cool, weird, silly, etc. game-related YouTube Videos you recommend



i’m fn dead :rofl: :joy:




Warcraft unit appearance from Warcraft I to Reforged.

War 3 TFT was my favorite RTS and I love playing Random team games/campaign maps. If you want to watch streamers for War 3 or Reforged, I recommend FollowGrubby.


As always, it’s NSFW


Koifish has a new Mount & Blade meme video out and it’s glorious:


I recently discovered a channel called SsethTzeentach, who makes really funny game reviews and tickled my degenerate weeb side with this video:

I recommend ALL of his videos though, this one was just the first oneI found and it was awesome.


And here are three hilarious Game Grumps animations you can even enjoy without having watched the episodes they’re from. :smile:
GODDESS! (Zelda Skyward Sword)

Bustin’ Pokémon (Pokémon FireRed)

Mickey Mousecapade