Good, fun, cool, weird, silly, etc. game-related YouTube Videos you recommend



i’m fn dead :rofl: :joy:




Warcraft unit appearance from Warcraft I to Reforged.

War 3 TFT was my favorite RTS and I love playing Random team games/campaign maps. If you want to watch streamers for War 3 or Reforged, I recommend FollowGrubby.


As always, it’s NSFW


Koifish has a new Mount & Blade meme video out and it’s glorious:


I recently discovered a channel called SsethTzeentach, who makes really funny game reviews and tickled my degenerate weeb side with this video:

I recommend ALL of his videos though, this one was just the first oneI found and it was awesome.


And here are three hilarious Game Grumps animations you can even enjoy without having watched the episodes they’re from. :smile:
GODDESS! (Zelda Skyward Sword)

Bustin’ Pokémon (Pokémon FireRed)

Mickey Mousecapade


The Glorious Master Race


This VR game surprised me by how interesting it is. Zombies and such. The youtuber was entertaining. But when I watch their other videos there was lots of screeching and yelling and I’m not into changing my volume settings every minute. But at least this one video was fun to watch.


Honest Game Trailers | Warcraft 3 Reforged.

The game was a cash grab and it failed miserably. Original War 3 owners also got messed up since they merged the client.


Based in Cyberpunk2077.

What…the…halo…is happening to technology. We got VR chat and VR modeling for humans and VR models playing games…Gosh I want to do this but it’s beyond my understanding. Maybe it will become mainstream someday. And so easier to do.




Hahahahahah! NOOOOOOO! Camgirls don’t count!

I can’t even imagine a VR anime girl doing a striptease. I guess that is where the viewer market is going. Covering up those dirty human flaws people don’t want to see.

When I make my VR man he will be the manliest man. 8 feet tall with deep voice modulator. LOL. These are hilarious times.




VR has got me again but with force feedback or “Haptic Feedback”. Fancy new word I got to learn there.

Someone actually bought it and reviewed it here.

TL;DW He says the chest is the best part.

It is being sold here.

I don’t know how I would feel about a suit vibrating/shocking me. Maybe if it massages me well I would be ok with it. Finish a gaming session and having all my muscles loosey goosey.




Joseph Anderson has finally finished his epic Witcher franchise critique.
First part out today.

It’s going to be a long one so grab some snacks, a beverage or two and enjoy.

Edit: Just finished watching this and I think it’s great, he manages to very well capture and analyze what makes the first Witcher such an amazing game without shying away from discussing it’s obvious shortcomings and flaws. I know it’s 4h and almost 20 minutes in length but if you have any interest in this franchise I think you’ll enjoy every minute of it.


I would but for some things, I don’t want spoilers mew.


Well either watch this critique or go play Witcher 1 already!
Though I will say one thing that this video goes over early on that is worth knowing going into that game. The tutorial and some of the early sections are awful, like really properly terrible but the rest of the game is so worth pushing through that part for.