Good, fun, cool, weird, silly, etc. game-related YouTube Videos you recommend


Who is Sonic? The blue dude in Jim Carrey’s new movie? :smirk:

#365 was it already posted? Cause it’s a classic



This was rather amusing to sit through…


Thanks, I hate it




Oh thank goodness they listened to “the community” and will strive to fulfill their desires, so few developers are truly willing to hear everyone out.


thanks for the video @Enki :yellow_heart:


So accurrate! I’m crying! :laughing:


Gigguk tests out some ground breaking new apps.

Makes me almost wish I didn’t have a windows phone.


Makes me almost wish that app development was much, much more difficult.



That was ridiiculously well done!

Shinobi of the blonde hair, LOL! ^^ Warms mein heart to see how many people love Sekiro. :heart:

Best bit: The glasses of Tomoe, :XD He looked so good in them too, lmao.


The long awaited third episode for Twitch Plays Pokémon has been uploaded.

Mew Easter egg for Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow players!


Potential spoilerwarning for fallen order.



Honest Game Trailers for Pokémon Sword and Shield

-How many times do you think they will they mention incomplete pokedex issue?

  • To see the hilarious pokemon names, go to 3:00. Warning - Bad language is included.

  • Twice?