Good, fun, cool, weird, silly, etc. game-related YouTube Videos you recommend


@TR3NT How about this? My hand hurts whenever I just try to achieve a base score to get a pass on the non-hidden version, which is also hard af!.. I’m just a thumb player with my smol phone, no big screen. :sob:

The person in this video makes it look a lot easier than it is too! I bet that beat saber is a lot more comfortable, with a lot more freedom of movement :rofl:



Just found these EFT live action videos.



Also, one of the coolest re-texture/HD mods ever. There’s one for Ocarina of Time and one for Majora’s Mask. They look absolutely insane.


Someday my friends I will have known the joy of playing Getting Over It. :grin:


Oh god the new league! Path of Exile: Tower Defense

more in-depth video


I really hope this game turns out to be good. I would have wishlisted it if it had a steam page.


What happens when you finish your pokedex in the various Pokemon games?

Watch this video to find out.

What happens When You Leave Town Without A Starter Pokemon?

Note- This video has 3 parts with different pokemon games. You can find the other parts under PokeTips Youtube account.


I was watching this and instantly thought about you @coralinecastell . As i understand Monkey Island is one of your favorite games? Maybe you havent seen this and find it interesting.



Got a couple, some are old.

  1. MenDrinkinCoffee: they are gone, but I had quite a few chuckles watching their content. They played “bad” games to the fullest and had great camaraderie.

  2. Retsupurae: haven’t seen slowbeef and diabetus together in awhile, but their old content is still worth a watch. They have some content on other content creators and just make jokes at the videos. one of my favorites. Love limepopsicle

  3. Jerma (Vinesauce): recently found him after watching vinny and varg for awhile, keeps the insanity of variety games alive. (2nd channel)

  4. Run Button: been watching for a couple of years. Their content always makes me laugh because it’s like brother and brother commentary/playing. They have a great Mario series play through.

  5. MXC: a dubbed show on a Japanese obstacle course. It was on SpikeTV for awhile.


An overview into the dark side of the videogame industry. This video discusses the rise in popularity of gaming, the burden of working in the gaming industry, discrimination, micro transactions, gender, sexism and gender inequality.


Some Warhammer 40k stuff. Edit: warning - Gore n Stuff.



It counts as game related! xD

watch it lol


(I hope this counts as game-related, it’s kinda linked to Unreal Tournament after all, and also to that age-old problem we gamers have to face, of the media calling all of us mentally insane potential school shooters)

I came across this video just now, covering the backstory and legacy of the first viral video I ever saw. Because everyone my age (mid- to late 20s) knew the “Unreal Tournament Kid” or “Angry German Kid” back then, esoecially here in Germany of course. So if anyone is interested in what went down over 10 years ago and where that kid is now, here’s the link:


@NICK9X9 you seen this sketch? :joy:

also @Fraggles Iooooove ProZD, man. I think I linked some of his videos before. Love that one! Thanks for giving me the chance to revisit it (:


I didn’t know this one, it’s awesome :laughing:

Reminds me of those old videos where people reenacted Oblivion NPCs^^


Oh bethesda!


TV rip offs of well known shows. I regularly watched the Mentalist and Kitchen Nightmares from the list.