Good, fun, cool, weird, silly, etc. game-related YouTube Videos you recommend


Flight Sim X Steam Edition. This stuff is pretty funny.


Oh man… keep these guys away from Towers, lol.


I love it when I find a video like this. :joy::joy:




I haven’t watched it yet but this just popped up for me on youtube.


Devolver never disappoints in E3! Can’t wait for the release of their launcher :rofl:


That was amazing, bizarre and hilarious.
Apparently I missed their 2018 show, so I’m watching that now and it’s so cynical.


You should start from 2017! I think it’s where all started :slight_smile:

Here there are for the folks that missed them:


Saw this year’s yesterday - haven’t watch the first 2, but yesterday’s was surreal. The ending though, that was epic.


I laughed way more than i should have :smiley:


Ikumi is a cutie xD


With the announcement of Zelda breath of the wild 2, this is appropriate.


E3 2019 Todd Howard celebration twofer




Cool video about refresh rates and whether if high refresh rates actually help.





@Enki Ooh Death Stranding gave me chills… Wish they had made it with just that art style, but ah well, it’ll been interesting to see how it turns out. I don’t have a PS console, so hopefully someone will play it even a bit online. Dang, I want to see that story!


Found this while going through a rabbit hole on youtube and all i can say is WOW.

And then i found this which is even more epic.