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Good, fun, cool, weird, silly, etc. game-related YouTube Videos you recommend


Me playing RPGs :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:



(volume warning)



Cooking is a game right? I always try to have fun…


Path of Exile next expansion/league. This video has me more hyped than the trailer GGG put out for it.





There is a popular video on social media now about Hitman in real life in the public.
Its great and just realized It is over 5 years old.
Anyway it is a video I want to share with some gaming community.
Just watch the reactions of people. What do you think?


S M U G :smirk:


Thought someone might like this article. I got it a couple of days ago but been too busy to post it.


#6 BrawlBRSTMs3 x
If you want 15/30 minute loops of video game music. (some videos aren’t looped, if they are short like the sound for link opening a treasure chest).


R.I.P. Overkill’s the Walking Dead :rofl:


This one may have already been posted here, but it’s pretty funny. It gets a bit loud at points, so don’t watch it at night if you live with other people.


season pass buyers be piiiissed :grimacing:

damn, how hard do you have to fail to get TWD license pulled :open_mouth: in a world where The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct passed “QA”+“brand association” and stayed up for a full license/contract cycle :joy:


Well to answer why Survival Instinct survived while OTWD didn’t is simple. See enclosed picture :laughing:


Survival Instinct was at least privately developed. The neglect from Overkill’s upper management was in public thanks to interviews, and as a result of the game we’ve had many a headline on how TWD was used as a cash-in property meant to just score easy money for Starbreeze. That’s a terrible look for your franchise.

Besides, Survival Instinct didn’t do that well when you remember that Terminal Reality went down because of that game.




btw, every time i see a violin vid, this is always the first image that comes into my mind

“I only need 1 hair to play damnit!” :triumph: