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Good, fun, cool, weird, silly, etc. game-related YouTube Videos you recommend


yay, new show

dat first episode, “fresh meat” :rofl: :joy:


ahahahahaha :rofl:
Love it, the gold feels like my salary


2018: EVERYTHING is Dark Souls! :triumph:

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: :man_facepalming:


oh no, and yr telling me that Dark Souls is actually even harder than this?!?!?!?!?!?!

Now I’m suddenly not so sure anymore i actually dare to start my first Dark Souls 2 run (I’m rly excited to start, but i feel like i need to actually finish some games first, maybe even Hollow Knight, wink wink, among others)


The 96KB game.


how has this passed me by :no_mouth:, it’s brilliant! :grinning:


You have never seen Puffin Forest?? Shame.


This is the guy who beat Dirt Rally on the highest difficulty with his keyboard, lol, i LOVE his dedication, which he again displays here, not least of all to his craft:


Can he beat minesweeper tho?


If anyone could, it would be him XD


anyone that gets past 4 moves in minesweeper is obviously haxing, it just can’t be done, the game is 310% rigged :triumph:


well, i remember beating minesweeper when i was young and had nothing else to play besides solitaire, lol, but i don’t remember whether there’s additional levels that keep going or something like that, lol


Extra Credits!



That last video is a slur on my profession! :rofl:
Everything needs bugs in/around/on them! And games with bugs as central elements and characters are always better:


Many a True Nerd Fallout New Vegas No Kill Run

I remember the first time I beat Fallout New Vegas I went for an explosives only run and man was it fun, I tried looking for tips for certain areas and came into this video, basically the guy plays the whole friggin game without killing anything himself.



The Legend Never Dies! What are you?! A CASUL?!
Some things shouldn’t be forgotten …



Battlefield Friends videos but Machinima made them private…


How to be a man in Skyrim, real dumb but I laughed.