[Giveaway] Clearing out Humble Bundle duplicates (part 2 of 4)

As promised, here is the second part of the giveaway. I might be a little slower than last time with the distribution and editing of this post but have faith, the PMs will come :slight_smile:

Please remember the rules: only ask for something if you will actually use it, limit to one request per person to allow more people to participate and finally first person to ask for a game gets it.

I know that free stuff is good, BUT! If you have previously won something in part 1, please consider the option of not requesting something in this one, I would like not to have to make this a rule, but we’ll see how it goes.

Now how about some games

Gemini Rue
Guacamelee! Gold Edition
Valkyria Chronicles
Towerfall Ascension
Broken Age
NBA 2K16
Freedom Force vs. The Third Reich
X-COM: Interceptor

Good luck!

Edit: All gone!


Valkyria Chronicles pls

Oh sorry, if I knew that in advance I wouldn’t have asked. If it’s a rule then alright I suppose

can i have towerfall plz?

Been refreshing the forum for about an hour. Nothing I want there, but I regret nothing.


I want Towerfall pleeeaase.

guacamele please

TimeShift, please.

Broken Age If I can repeat

I’d like Copoka please

can i have nba 2k16? ty for the giveaway

I missed again the games I wanted but still thanks

I’d like Gemini Rue

Dang, man. missed by seconds.

good choice guacamelle is so good

Missed the game I want again, guess I’ll be waiting for part 3 :confused:

The final boss was a pain in the butt, though :C

eh a little, it was that section where you had to keep going down the levels and couldn’t heal that killed me

Thanks, sir!

If one among them Gemini Rue,
Valkyria Chronicles,
or Towerfall Ascension

is still available, I’d be happy to receive it!

Thanks a lot, and anyway.
Have a great day

Give this person Valkyria Chronicles then.

But… hopefully I can enter then next one then???

Edit: Wait… this person got something last time too…

I guess It’s up to you how you’re going to resolve this @Karhoum It is your giveaways after all…

Oh damn, too late again… but thanks for this Karhoum! :slight_smile: