[Giveaway] Clearing out Humble Bundle duplicates (part 2 of 4)

MY problem with Guacamelee is that I got a rare glitch that makes it so you cant complete that secret mask, so I couldn’t 100% the game, which was really annoying. Other than that it’s one of the best beat 'em up\platformers ever.

I would really like Valkyria chronicles.
Though I see two people have requested it already but one having already received a game and the other making additional wishes. I guess I’ll leave it to OP to figure it out.
Thanks either way.

Edit: I saw the rule, I’ll pass to other ones having had nothing the other time!

Sorry guys, didn’t saw it was the same and only Karhoum at the command. Have a great day/night, cheers to all!

ps. same rule applying to part 3?

Hi guys,

sorry if I was too vague or unclear, I’ll try to clear up the situation.

As I stated in the opening post, it is not yet a rule, just a friendly request, so for this giveaway I will still go top to bottom and assign games in a first come first serve basis.

EDIT: In the end I decided against this, it will just remain a friendly request, no rule will be enforced on this.

Can I have X-COM: Interceptor?

Xcom please :slight_smile:

Ahh always too slow but thanks for your generosity!

Please freedom force

Freedom force please…

It’s me again, the cynic that tries to ruin the act of giving. Check some users that seem to have registered just for your thread. :poop:

Yes, it seems that some users did register just to post in my thread. I of course have no way of knowing if these are actually new users or someone trying to force the system.

If it’s the latter, it is a sad thing to do, I rely on people’s goodwill to play nice and it’s the reason I decided to do this giveaway here in the first place. I’m sorry if anyone of the people participating in these giveaways feels unjustly robbed of a prize they could otherwise have obtained.

I was suggested to ask for Steam IDs and/or proof of activation, while i really do appreciate the feedback, I feel that is a lot more work for something that is not super useful, to get proof of activation I would have to send the keys anyway, and even if I do not receive it, I can do nothing to prevent that same account from posting or the creation of a new account. I also do not want to discriminate against genuine new users that may want to participate.

In the end I simply do not have the tools (or the time) to run background checks on everyone that posts, I hope that the problem can be kept to a minimum by informing people on when the next giveaway is, so that they can at least compete “fairly”.

That being said, I will try my best to post the next giveaway at 5:00 PM CEST, that is GMT+2 for ease of time zone conversion.

tl;dr: Yes some new accounts were created just to post in my threads, I am sorry for this but I feel there is not much that I can do about it, next giveaway is at 5:00 PM CEST (GMT+2)


This is why I haven’t posted a Giveaway. I think what I will do is just reward people for helping or being nice etc.Maybe i will just pop into a thread and say “Thank you…I want to give you a key”.

As for the current giveaways, I do check them out. But I don’t participate because I have so many games NOW that I don’t play. I only want the ONE game(Your Doodles Are Bugged)…And if I hadn’t been laid off, I would have bought the Humble Bundle it was in.

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Just wanted you to know …You are doing a good thing here. Thanks.:sparkles:


@Karhoum If that bothers you so maybe you should add 1 more requirement that all accounts who paticipate must registered before a specific date, your giveaway, your rule.
But tbh I don’t even sure how many of these accounts are real or just clone, since not all of us are talk-active and the date they joined may just be a coincidence.


Thank you for your open heart

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