[Giveaway] ~20 Humble Bundle Duplicates (Part 2 of 3?)

Rules are the same as last time. Only ask for something if you actually would like it. I’ll give them out in the order that they appear in the thread (first request for a game goes to that person). Try to read above to find out which games have already been requested and pick a new game (easier for me :slight_smile: ). Also, if possible, try and leave the games for people that didn’t receive a game last time. Not a hard rule, just a suggestion. I’ll still just go down the list, first come first served.

I’m going to bed now but will come on tomorrow morning to distribute the games. (you’ll find the next list below). Some very good games in there, if I may say so myself.

This one is a bit of a wildcard. I got it ages ago and I believe it said there was an expiry date attached to it. So I’d suggest not picking this one unless there’s nothing left. It may work, but also may not.

Also if anyone is interested I can do another giveaway of 6 Wii U game codes. I bought that bundle for the 3DS games and have no use for the Wii U codes. (I just checked, they are region locked to the Australian & New Zealand Nintendo eShop. Bummer)

Good luck!


Human Resource Machine, thanks!

I’m interested in Democracy 3

I’d be interested in Mushroom 11, thank you.

Mini metro?

Wow, another great giveaway from you :slight_smile:
That is really very generous of you!
I would love to play super hexagon!
Thank you very much!

If there is someone who did not get anything last time and wants (to play, not farm, please) this one, give it to him/her :slight_smile:

If i Could grab TIS 100 that would be great. Thanks

Stanley parable pls?

Wow, thanks you very much for this opportunity. I was always interested in The Stanley Parable ever since I saw it on Renegade for Life so, again, thank you for this giveaway.

Edit: seems like I was a few seconds too late, but even so, thanks for the generosity.

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jesus christ, you gotta be fast for this one :smiley:
congrats to the winner, I hopefully have some more luck next time(?) :slight_smile:

There are still some games available. Look through the list at the top and pick one that hasn’t been picked yet. It could be yours.

Rocket Birds Hardboiled Chicken please?

would love disco dogdeball thanks

Currently there are 3(ish) games remaining

  • VVVVVV (That’s six V’s by the way)
  • Super Hexagon (Which is reserved by HerrNieschnell but he is happy to give it to someone who didn’t get a game last time
  • Vertiginous Golf (Possibly maybe probably not though, I think it has expired)

Off to bed but feel free to put your name down for a game and I’ll send the link through tomorrow

Can I have VVVVVV, thanks! :smiley:

super hexagon pls :slight_smile:

Vertiginous Golf for me! Thank you!

I’m late.

Damn it, too late XD

thank you for your generosity and kindness
hope next time I will be faster

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