🎁🎄 Gnuffi's 12 days of Saturnalia 🎄🎁 (day13)😖 (ended)

What the heck, I’ll enter for the mystery. Could be fun :smile:

I’ll enter for a mysterious mystery prize

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I’d like to enter for the mystery

I dare to enter for the mystery!

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Uh, I guess I’d like to enter?

I entered for the last set of :question: you were supposedly giving away and yet no one was announced as a winner. I demand answers!

For those who don’t know i am referencing a previous joke comment I made in a thread related to this giveaway thread Gnuffi is not the sort of person to declare a giveaway and not deliver on it. Also I don’t wish to enter for the unknown giveaway, I only wish to antagonize.


i already sent 1,
-notice how i had to use a dull/hollow ? this time since i sent you my last red one
(what’s the usual pigeon travel time from up here to down there?)
give it a week or two and see if the bird doesn’t drop, otherwise it might be lost in transit… or eaten by those orcas of yours… :thinking:


Wow a another separate forum thread reference, nice, did you actually watch it? I was so surprised by it.

ye, was a bit hesitant, but you did say nothing gory, so figured it wouldn’t be like “other” stuff they/animals do when eating -tho it was a not as cute as a turtle, if was definitely peculiar
(makes you wonder what other “things” they’ll start angling for, and what bait they’ll choose) :smile:

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Sounds like everyone’s favourite game mechanic.

If i still can I’d like to take a spin in gnuffi’s lootbox, why not?


If i still can, I’d like to enter for the third red ? . Yes. The third. Specifically the third. No reason. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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PS; might not have time to make a “draw” tonight (and much too soon just now), so don’t get surprised if day13-draw/“winner” isn’t made until Friday

it will get announced tho ofc, -but do feel free to enter until then and when finally i end this madness :crazy_face:



Oh nice, a free lootbox! I’m in.

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Alright, you’ve piqued my interest :slight_smile:
I’m in for a mystery.


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Alright, Post #305! And an unknown (or “just none” :laughing: ) :gift: gift :package: … for FREE with hardly any strings (or gift ribbons :ribbon: :scream: ! ) attached! Now that is a “Mystery ‘Lootbox’” giveaway done right!

Yes, I’m looking at you, MarvelousGA.com :man_facepalming: and Hot Random Keys (HRK) :angry: .

Count me in, Sir Gnuffi, :crown: Lord of the Gnomes and Rightful Heir to the Gnomorian Throne :crossed_swords: !

To stand away from the mistery is not breathe.
I’m entering, thanks a lot meister gnome!

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I will enter this competition, and win! Because entering any competition with a mysterious prize has been in the Armstrong bloodline for Generations! :muscle::muscle:


I would like to enter for the mystery.

Ohh mistery I would like to enter haha

I would like to enter! :scream:

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