🎁🎄 Gnuffi's 12 days of Saturnalia 🎄🎁 (day13)😖 (ended)

"On the twelfth day of Christmas
Gnuffi gave to me
twelve total facepalms
eleven roasted ducks
ten hours desu
nine top 10s
8x combo
seven dumb memes
six sinful minutes
five meh emojis: :pear::paperclip::kick_scooter::waning_gibbous_moon::flower_playing_cards:
four high fives
three singing Gnomes
two thumbs up
and a gnome’s head on a pine tree

Be honest, you thought this was over didn’t you?
-well, what is the holidays without a little surprise, and curveball is always fun now and again right?
and nothing is better at breaking the rules and throwing a spanner in the works(even their own), -like gnomes
(so you probably should have seen this coming from me, no?) :smile:

so lets finish this with a little mystery…

maybe it’s all just a silly game to make me giggle?; and you end up with just a steam trading card, a stupid gif, maybe a game, or even nothing you can use at all?!?
-do you dare to enter? you might get something -you might get nothing, (or gets 13 angry gnomes outside your door?, -demanding gingerbread cookies and ice cold milk, lest they mess with all your machinery)

(just say/make it clear if you want to enter)

best of luck
:gift::confetti_ball::ribbon::christmas_tree: and a festive Saturnalia to you all, merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah, fröhliche Weihnachten, cool Kwanza, great jól/Yuletide, -god jul
& Happy holidays to each and everyone

special entry rules this time: no new/same day created accounts, for entry; account must been created no later than December 10th 2017

:blush: (PS, and as usual, be kind to others and only ask for a game if you actually plan to play it) :+1:

The past 12 days

Day 1:
Recently the power of the Chronomicon was released, and initially proved too much for even Chrono to handle thus a few snafus occurred, and as some may know i ended up with an extra/double purchase of:
Enter the Gungeon

so to those that unfortunately missed out, today you get the chance of getting it (just say/make it clear if you want to enter) only have the 1 spare key for Enter the Gungeon, so best of luck to you all

Day 2:
The Gnome looked in his Saturnalia sock today and found; a négligée, playing cards, -and a pint of blood…?? wth…?!? :dizzy_face:
Alright it’s all better now, phew :relieved:. I threw it all in my pot at home, and out came a magical key to open the door at:
The Sexy Brutale

Day 3:
Pardons for my tardiness today, seems i was stuck in a time dilation field, i wonder what that was about :thinking:

Anyways, on with the show, tasks at hand and… -oh look something floating in mid air as if stuck between places in time and space. Try grab it if you can and see where it takes you:
Quantum Break

Day 4:
On a monday, grey and cold, sometimes you just wanna get away, escape to a more relaxing, tranquil, and beautiful place…

ofc sometimes those places turn out to filled with little forest Daemons, and even trying to be a L.E.A.F. on the wind, it’s so hard to soar sometimes…
But by all means, grab the key if you still wish to a stay at my hidden away “winter retreat”:

Day 5:
some morning a latchkey “battle royale”-kid knocked on my hovel and begged me, “i know i’m not the cool one at school, but please mister, wont you play with me!?”
feeling my knees and bone ache already, all this gnome could reply was “i’m too old for this shit”
so if you don’t mind making friends, -and then getting shot in the back, maybe you won’t mind hanging out with the “less popular” kid on the block a bit?

Day 6:
continuing the social experiment from yesterday, my neighbours asked me if i’d mind coming over and help them build their new wall, and a roof,
and nothing says “holiday spirit”, like reluctantly agreeing to help others, and craft something with your bare hands and nothing but the rudimentary tools nature has given to you
just to then get shot with a mag 44 when it’s time to go home… that’s the spirit of “giving” yo!
so be “kind” and go assist the neighbours in:

Day 7:
(english with hollywood french accent)
ahh mon ami(e), ce art is life no?
and what better time of ce year for arts, than aeh season of festívities yes?
but cherie, ce life of un artisté, is no easy. Yu must struggle for your art, -no great art without sacrifice, n’est-ce pas?
un invitatión, for you to try ce life of aeh maître artist
-oh, and don’t forget ce wine
Passpartout: The Starving Artist

Day 8:
I’m a simple Gnome, I wake up and put my left sock(only) on first; i prefer my morning Slushie cold and raspberry’ish, -i like my dwarfs bearded and my games simple, -just like the next person.
So when something comes a long, that tries to get away with more than one thing at a time, well you can betcha i’ma gonna raise an eyebrow :face_with_raised_eyebrow: and keep mashing the same button until it works dang it!
…Okay i give up, this doesn’t make sense :thinking:, -you try to read this fighting game or fight this novel:
BlazBlue: Chronophantasma Extend

Day 9:
We live in a wonderful technological society. Tech, gizmos, gadgets and “computery” stuff everywhere.
And one would think we are getting quite good at it “going digital” more and more, and all sorts of, (perfectly functioning), algorithm magic to be created, relied upon, and happily handover our daily existence to that string of 1s and 0s…
i mean, nothing could ever go wrong with that eventually, right kids?
-in today’s lesson: “Embracing our robot overlords 101”
(oh, and PS, don’t lose your head)

Day 10:
it’s a wonderful time, where we all come together.
Such a heartwarming sight.
Bow down before this glory!, then behold the Holy light, and feel its grand radiance,
Millions, in a flash… such a pity… “Some may question your right to destroy ten billion people. But those who understand, realise, that you have no right to let them live.”
so selfrightous …
-well boys; if they can, so can we: “KILL! MAIM! BURN!”
(blood for the blood god, skulls for the skull throne -milk for the khorne flakes)
Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III

Day 11:
sometimes if feels like we are just running in circles, holiday stress can make that very much so.
I think i’ve found a way around that. Just relax and; strafe
(OhMyGnome, the blood, the bullets, the circle strafing, -get me out of this pixel maze, help!)
STRAFE: Millennium Edition

Day 12:
Ahh, winter… And so we look ahead for a couple of weeks of merriment and celebration of, -whatever fairy tale, magical unicorn, mischievous gnomes and almighty bearded burglars, we each hold in our hearts and minds.
So that we can better “forget” the cold and less festive winter season to come, (-until it’s time for an easter bunny roast in spring :yum:)
Hopefully this will help you prepare for what awaits, or at least keep you occupied during these months hardship of:
The Long Dark


Can wait to see how many people don’t read the entry rules.

not entering just here to celebrate :tada: :sparkles::gift:


Hmm i don’t know whether to enter or not, I am kinda sad about missing out on the gnome last time. Don’t need to enter me all good.


I would love Enter the Gungeons, thank You very much.

I would like to enter the gungeon, I tried buying it but couldn’t get the site to work in time.

I would like to enter the draw, thank you.

I would like to enter for Enter The Gungeon.

oh wow so thats whats goin’ on :open_mouth:

good luck making all this rhyme brother xD

( I have enter the gungeon, but again, A great Idea, will keep my eyes open for the next ones :stuck_out_tongue: )

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Even thought I prefer bows, I will Enter the Gungeon.

Something for ya

Thanks for the opportunity, @Gnuffi :heart:


I would like to enter the giveaway.

Hell yeah!:gun:
I have been wanting Enter the Gungeon for a while now, i would like to enter for the chance at getting that game

I would like to enter the giveaway
(i was going to make a Christmas poem but am not good at making poems)

Like that rule! Keep it up, Gnuffi!

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Not entering, just celebrating! :slight_smile:

I would like to enter

Not entering, but I’ve just butchered a couple of sacrifice for Saturnalia’s feast and I’m here just to kneel before the gods of blood in the form of Bullets

(Hurrah for Gnuffi!)

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Not entering, but nice one @Gnuffi :grinning:

Yes please would love to play on controllers :smiley:

Thank you for this giveaway :grin:
I would like to enter (Enter the Gungeon), too

I would like to enter please :slight_smile: