Ghost of a Tale Giveaway [Ended]

OMG! This game has been on my wishlist since forever*! And March 22nd is my birthday so… I’m entering.


Our lovely @eishiya (and now I see @anon74641759 too!!! :smiley: edit: and @Rilover!) already shared my absolute favorite animal in the world, that also happens to be a rodent, the majestic capybara, so here’s something else instead:

The Mouse’s Tale by Lewis Carroll

This poem, one of the most famous English examples of emblematic verse, appears in chapter three of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Its title bears the distinction of being a quadruple pun. Martin Gardner notes in The Annotated Alice that it may have been inspired by Tennyson, who “once told Carroll that he had dreamed a lengthy poem about fairies, which began with very long lines, then the lines got shorter and shorter until the poem ended with fifty or sixty lines of two syllables each. (Tennyson thought highly of the poem, but forgot it completely when he awoke.)”

To read the poem in higher res and read more about it, go here.

Here’s an illustration:

Source: Carroll, Lewis & Robinson, Charles. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, London: Cassell & Company, opp. p. 34. Author: Charles Robinson, 1907.

For more rodent/rat poems see:

Oh, and of course, thanks so much for the giveaway you cute rodent you! :yellow_heart: (:



oh, nevermind! @Rilover already pointed it out! :slight_smile:

In any case, make his words mine. Stay around so you can become eligible for more giveaways and meet cool new people (which in short means talk to everyone except for @Gnuffi :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)!


yoshirules if you have these in your garden you gotta play wt them and send us cute videos of these cute mice cuting around :smiley:

Gawd I used to have 2 white mice, they are sooooo smart and cute omfg, rodents are good at melting my heart lol

little known fact I know from experience:
Mice have sixpacks and am not talking about beer :stuck_out_tongue:



(I can’t find where the OP is)

Thanks for the lovely additions!!

:robot: My assistants have no feelings so I can keep them in line :robot:

But I’ll remember It :blush:
(bc It’s kinda written here and It’s the day the giveaway ends so… yeah, I’m a mess but I think I got this)

Never. trust. robots.

Yes, pls.

(I’m out of love 24/7 btw, so I’m addresing the people of the future, I see you, you’re in, don’t worry, I coin-heart you)


I would but they are difficult to put on video as soon as I go outside they are gone
They get scared very fast got a whole family


I’d really like to win this game, not for me but as a gift for my boyfriend who keeps saying he absolutely wants to play this game! I hope this is okay :sweat_smile:

As for your cute rodent, I’ve got this one. I and my friend found this little one in her grandma’s garden back in 2013, it looked really sick and wasn’t really afraid of us (or maybe it was too sick to be?). We named it Tityu (can’t remember why, but it sounded cute) and gave it some things to eat and a comfortable place to rest.
The sad part is that this poor little thing died in the night two days later, but we still have some photos (all blurry, but oh well).


The game is meant to be played and enjoyed, He’s not some rando, It’s fine by me, so you/yr boyfriend are in ^^ (I hope you get around to play with that copy too :sparkling_heart:)

Thanks for saying where It’s going tho.

Similar thing happened to me when I was tiny but with a hedghog and he died the same day we found It :confused: He didn’t have a name bc “I shouldn’t get attached to stuff so quickly, specialIy animals in such conditions” I cried so much anyway.

He’s buried in a corner of the garden and nobody puts stuff or goes there so I always thought of It as a cool, eerie part of the garden and I remember the little guy/girl from time to time ^^

Tityu looks adorable btw :heart_eyes:


Glad you like them! I have such a large game library I don’t really need another game, so I will sit this giveaway out. Thanks for the offer though.


No one has mentioned Reepicheep yet? D:

One of the most dashing and brave mice ever!

And I’d love to enter. It’s been on my wishlist since I discovered it on GOG (November 2016) :3



AHH this game looks way too cute I remember seeing this awhile back an IMMEDIATELY thinking of reading The Tale of Despereaux as a kiddo, then seeing the movie once I was a bit older. It looks like a blast, be it action/adventure or exploration, both are in my wheelhouse. I can’t wait to play because I know it will be slightly nostalgic for me since I read the book a couple times before 13.
Look at one of the drawings in the book, he is too cute <3


Y’all are forgetting the prettiest of the lot: :sweat_smile:


Nice game, i want it :heart_eyes:


what kind of rodent is that?


Quokka :wink:


Cutest mouse in films ftw


lol, cheeky


I’ve got this game during early access for just €15 and I must say that it’s worth more than double the price. Get this game folks, it’s really good and charming. I mean, look at the protagonist, sooo cute :scream:

BTW, really cool giveaway, not entering.


Harith my man, thanks for keeping an eye out for the cute rodents bonanza!! :sparkling_heart:


it’s all good, here’s a sharkmouse just for u:



Omg that’s my new spiritual animal :sparkling_heart:

Okey so… I tried to be funny and did the proper “Cowmouse search”… welp, I shouldn’t have done that.

Apparently Sharkmice are a thing and I’m quite happy, still traumatized… don’t get me wrong but… yeah…

If there’s a water level and Tilo has a similar costume, I will scream.