Ghost of a Tale Giveaway [Ended]


That pesky little thing has been looking at me ever since this game came out (A week ago or so) and I really really want to play It.

A couple of chrono peeps have It on their sights so… long story short I’m buying It really hard, so hard indeed that I got two copies.

Conditions to enter:

  • Been an active member for at least 2 weeks
  • 6 badges
  • And that’s It, I quite like listing things tho

I will activate my copy as soon as you, lucky member of the community, get yours.

So instead of an actual interesting question I need you to send cute rodents, get creative,
I need my fix. (If the poor thing is ugly as hell but interesting… will do)

On a more serious note; just enter If you’re going to play the game.

It says It’s an “Action-RPG” but I don’t really see It as such, It’s more like a Stealth, exploration, gather-things-in-order-to-advance kind of game so do look up what you’re getting into before saying you’re in.

:robot: I’ll have my assistants run the numbers to select the winer and I’ll send you a PM :robot:

:warning: You must answer that PM in 24 hrs or I’ll re-roll the results :warning:

The giveaway ends March 22 - 17:00 CTE - good luck everyone :mouse:

This has been said before and ob there’s other ways to do it
But In case you stumble uppon this thread looking for reference on how to do giveaways:

I made that as a test to… well, to test It out. With funny dumb names.

  • The first number in “roll1d9” is the number of results you want.

  • The second number in “roll1d9” is the number of participants.

I just had one key so… Mari Carmen won, yaaay! It’s really that simple and you don’t have to go anywhere else.

Discobot will just select a random number, from 1 to 9 in this case, but if you alter the number of participants:

eg: roll1d20: Discobot will select one random numbers from 1 to 20

eg: roll2d20: Discobot will select two random numbers from 1 to 20 (In case you have two keys)


This game looks very interesting, gone completely under my radar. I see people calling it an Action RPG and adventure game but as you said it doesn’t look like any of those things to me either. Hard to tell though. I’d certainly like to enter.

I shall have to go out to hunt for some rodents though, I shall be back when I’ve caught some.

Here’s a few of the most interesting rodents I could think of:


Nice giveaway :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:


That absolutely counts :joy: good luck ^^

Thanks! :blush: I’m re-living my golden days as the worst explorer ever with you caching up with the “Where am I?” Topic :joy:


Well, there goes my idea for a video game.

This looks gorgeous and right up my alley; but I’ll pass on it, on account of my low-end hardware banning me from being able to play it, good luck none the less.

Here, there’s a cute rodent for you

You can’t tell me otherwise!!


Thank you, @Rilover, I see a bunch of people putting this on their wishlist the day it came out…, myself included… So thanks for doing this, you are awesome! :+1:

Here’s a cute little sleeping mouse:

I just purchased a bunch of other games for myself this weekend, so my play list has gotten longer, plus the ones on there are quite lengthy, so I cannot enter with good conscience. Thank you again! And may the luckiest individual win! :slight_smile:


Just wanna contribute and say thanks.
I would love the game, but I can’t play atm, so I will pass and let others have the chance. :mouse:


OMG @Enki, that was great!


Not entering, but thought I should chuck Hamtaro in.


The slow mo at the end :joy::joy: I’ve watched It two times in a row.

Apparently It’s a Pacarana ^^

(I’m Out of Love again btw :/)


Plus one more!


I’ve been keeping an eye on this game for a while and it’s been a shame to hear its quests aren’t more varied. I doubt I’ll be buying it, but I’d certainly play it if I happen to win it in a giveaway xP

Some might find them too big and too chill to be cute, but hnnngh capybaras <3


I’d love to enter! I’ve had my eye on this for a while now.

Here’s my favorite rodent series Redwall. I grew up with these books and I still love them.


You should read Mouse Guard, you may like it


Hamtaro reminded me of this cute little character.
So now I have cute and interesting accounted for.


Ok I wasn’t going to post this because this is a bit a derailment but this is what I was thinking when I first saw

being Australian my mind went to Wallabies for some reason.
They are cute but they are not rodents. They look basically like a smaller Kangaroo and are part of the same family though not classified as the same animal. With the pictures of cartoon characters coming in this lead me to thinking about Rocko from Rocko’s Modern Life

Which many people may not know is actually meant to be an Australian immigrant wallaby. I never knew this when I watched the series as a kid (I figured he was meant to be a dog or something) and when I learned this many years after it blew my mind. What also didn’t help me figure this out when I was watching the show is the fact that Rocko does not have an Australian accent (or if the voice actor was trying to put one on he did not do a good job), so really I blame him entirely for my confusion.

Derailment over, carry on as usual.


Thanks for the awesome giveaway @Rilover. We Rilover you! :heart:

As cool as this game looks, I’m gonna have to pass for the same reason others have mentioned: too many games, not enough time. It’s not like this is someone’s leftover key from a bundle. The game literally just came out. It deserves to go to a good home where it will be most appreciated. It could be months before I would get around to playing it.

Here is one of the cutest rodents on the planet. The Japanese dwarf flying squirrel.


That’s interesting. Living in AUS myself, I find that the poor wallabies tend to be road hazards more than anything else. That and I had a friend whose car was totalled when it hit a wombat the other day. Those things are like little boulders.


Not eligible for the contest, but as a biologist I felt compelled to answer the call to ‘cute rodent pictures’.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you:

The desman

IT’S A DIVING MOLE!!! Moles in general are adorable, but adding in the absurd features of the elephant seal and the T-rex makes them all the more endearing. Sorta like the star nosed mole (and like to the obligatory BBC video, run by a very nice man named Zefrank, if you are unfamiliar you should watch his stuff:

These lovely critters are found in Europe and can be read about on Wikipedia.


We had a small discussion on in the forums before about kangaroos totaling cars but I have never heard of it happening with a wombat, though it doesn’t surprise me. I would equate hitting either a kangaroo or wombat with a car to hitting a cardboard box only to realise there are bricks inside, it may look harmless at first, but its going to wreck you if you hit it.
I can’t image wallabies being as harmful to your car though due to their size.