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Getting into FPS Games


Anybody want to get today’s Surprise drop game and try some FPS together? (however badly, lol)


It looks like it’s only 3v3? It might be a little hard to arrange good times for a lot of people. I thought about it for a while, but I think I might have to pass on this one.


So it’s obviously a bit later than everyone else’s suggestions, but I recommend you grab a copy of the old Mirror’s Edge. It’s first person, has some shooting elements, gives a good bit of running around trapezing 3D environments, but you can still see your feet and legs as you run. It should be a good starter to get going on, perhaps.


Google lead me to a few sites where you can play it online too, if it’s the same one that you mean.


I know there’s some 2d version but I mean the older 2008 original one.

I haven’t seen it online before.


ofc that’s the same version as on Steam/Origin/GoG, but that link there ain’t exactly to a kosher version tho… :skull_and_crossbones: arrgh, avast matey
(basically ripping off GoG games)


Wondered about the site’s name… sigh… No worries… I’d do some more looking into it. @Vindace said something about the “old” Mirror’s Edge, which made me think there’s an original and then something like a “Director’s Cut” version, which aren’t always exactly the same.


i’d guess he said old, because there was a sequel released couple of years ago, or by "release date"comparison of the 2d version mentioned


@Gnuffi All’s good and thanks for catching that slip up of mine! Good thing I hadn’t done the download! I’ve added it to Waitlist on a ITAD. :sunny: Cheers.