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Getting into FPS Games


Anybody want to get today’s Surprise drop game and try some FPS together? (however badly, lol)


It looks like it’s only 3v3? It might be a little hard to arrange good times for a lot of people. I thought about it for a while, but I think I might have to pass on this one.


So it’s obviously a bit later than everyone else’s suggestions, but I recommend you grab a copy of the old Mirror’s Edge. It’s first person, has some shooting elements, gives a good bit of running around trapezing 3D environments, but you can still see your feet and legs as you run. It should be a good starter to get going on, perhaps.


Google lead me to a few sites where you can play it online too, if it’s the same one that you mean.


I know there’s some 2d version but I mean the older 2008 original one.

I haven’t seen it online before.


ofc that’s the same version as on Steam/Origin/GoG, but that link there ain’t exactly to a kosher version tho… :skull_and_crossbones: arrgh, avast matey
(basically ripping off GoG games)


Wondered about the site’s name… sigh… No worries… I’d do some more looking into it. @Vindace said something about the “old” Mirror’s Edge, which made me think there’s an original and then something like a “Director’s Cut” version, which aren’t always exactly the same.


i’d guess he said old, because there was a sequel released couple of years ago, or by "release date"comparison of the 2d version mentioned


@Gnuffi All’s good and thanks for catching that slip up of mine! Good thing I hadn’t done the download! I’ve added it to Waitlist on a ITAD. :sunny: Cheers.


So…do we have an update on this? :smile:



Been playing some third person shooter in The Division with @Pylinaer. I am definitely enjoying the coop aspect, aka me emptying magazines and knowing that someone else is actually making good contact with those virtual bullets. Hey, sometimes these guys go down a fraction of a second before I shoot, but hey, I can dream, right?

Need to get back to playing more Risk of Rain 2 as well, that stalled a few weeks ago, definitely need to hop back in and spent more time with it.

I tried Lovely Planet some time ago and couldn’t do it, but it seems to be one that people have recommended on and off several times, so I will probably try it again.

As for first person perspective completely, I did run through What Remains of Edith Finch, as recommended by @Fraggles.

@xist, I will definitely given Dishonored another go, I have been trying to hard to get through some back logs. I did create a list that reads “Games to play soon” and it’s definitely on there.

As for Portal, I went back in to look, and I got stuck at the same place as before… haha…

Mostly it’s finding the time unfortunately, I still prefer 2d action platformers as my go-to genre, so doing anything in 3D, much less FPS, is already a mental hump to get over, every time.


Did you play Portal 2 coop? Not sure if the coop aspect makes it more or less complicated for you but it’s really fun! If you want to give it a go, let me know :slight_smile:


If you’re wanting to do some more shooters I could possibly find time to play Destiny 2 with you if you wanted to go for a first person perspective. I know it’s been free a lot so I figure you would have it. There’s some basic platforming that is pretty forgiving, and the shooter mechanics are satisfying.


I don’t see how going EZ and forgiving FPS games (I won’t even bother mentioning 3rd person shooters in FPS thread, because doesn’t make any sense) can be beneficial in the long run… There’s not much difference from moving your mouse cursor in windows, but I guess it’s just me ;]


You guys just reminded me of What Remains, so I’ll give that a go. Mirror’s Edge is pretty fun, but my controller’s button are inverted for some reason, take some getting used to… herm.


Personally, seeing my legs ruins the immersion for me. I don’t know why though, maybe it’s to do with my playstyle? I just can’t see a person be able to act like I do.


You just need to find a game with pigeon legs instead of human legs.


Now that you mention Dishonored, the newest “Thief” is another good one to try, as long as your ok with a little bit of horror in one of it’s levels, and people say wonders of the very first one too but I can’t vouch for it.

And in the topic of old games the original Deus-Ex is quite good as well.

If you play Destiny I may be able to join too once/if it goes free, I’ve been ogling that one for a while.

Just out of curiosity, where exactly did you get stuck on Portal? and have you tried Team Fortress 2?


Destiny is pretty good. It is a little grindy by nature, but I think it strikes a really good balance between making you feel like an unstoppable force and still keeping a good amount of difficulty in there. I haven’t played too much as I still only have the base game, but what I have played I’ve enjoyed.