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Getting into FPS Games


Neither Spec Ops nor Mafia II are FPS games , dear ;>


I’ve had the experience of introducing a fair number of people to playing video games in general and FPS games in particular and one interesting thing that is common to many people trying these games for the first times is that they keep looking down a lot.

So that’s my first advice, stop looking down, look ahead at where you’re going. Then I would probably second @onLooSe advice to just keep playing and you’ll get used to it. It’s an unfortunate reality that first person platforming has always been kind of bad, it requires you to be used to the actual game engine to pull off properly. So I wouldn’t start with a game that involves tricky platforming.

I think it was @gnuffi who suggested playing something that isn’t too hectic, which I would also suggest. Try a first person puzzle, adventure or exploration games. I have a couple of titles to suggest.

The Stanley Parable
First person exploration and narrative game. You’re really just walking and looking at things so it’s probably a great game for simply getting used to moving yourself through a 3d space.

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter
Exploration and detective work. You get to explore a very pretty world and try to figure out what happened to Ethan Carter. You’ll find “crime scenes” and other places where you will have to figure out the course of events by using an ability that lets you look into the past. It’s a very calm and beautiful game but with some decent puzzle work to tackle.

What Remains of Edith Finch
Kind of a detective game, although I don’t think the game requires your to actively figure anything out yourself to progress. There’s plenty to think about piecing together all the stories and clues that litters this old house that you need to explore in first person.

Probably the closest pure “walking sim” I would ever recommend. Not much of a game but there’s a lot of hiking and moving about a world without much else going on. Also very pretty and the story could be interesting enough to keep you interested in continuing to play, it’s also pretty good for learning to read maps and navigating through the world.


That’s a game I can’t play due to its low FoV and my motion sickness. The same goes for Half Life, Portal, CS, etc. But your issue doesn’t seems to be physical, you just need to get used to the genre. Maybe pick games that blends RPG and first person, like Thief, Skyrim, Fallout 4, Dishonored, Prey, and then transition to more arcade titles, if you feel.


I remember having those kind of feelings when I tried FPS games long, long ago. I did not have a computer and was playing at my friends house. I recall being uncomfortable playing Duke Nukem 3d every time I was near the ledge or a drop.
At this time I thought I hate FPS. But once I got a PC of my own my friends talked me into trying UT (Unreal Tournament). I played with bots quite a bit and then graduated to friend matches.
Heh, this came out really consistent with most people in this thread pushing their most favourite FPS branch but I do believe that playing with low lvl bots in a multiplayer arena can help alot - action is happening pretty frequently and it keeps you distracted from thinking about your legs but it’s fairly forgiving so that you don’t die too much (if you do just lower the difficulty). And I think that UT campaign (which consists of a series of multiplayer arenas with bots) has a nice difficulty curve.

P.S. I’m speaking of original UT that was released in 1999.


Yup, that’s a problem. You probably have ass for gear because of that. I’ll get a new character to 15 and play WITH you (instead of for you). I will let you know that if your gear is what I think it is, you’re gonna be support until we get you some better gear.

Edit: wait…you just got to the B.O.O.(Base of Operations)?.. hmmm… what’s your opinion of just starting from scratch?

Yes they are. in fact, at the highest difficulty, max level, hardest enemies, the “bosses” take about 4-5 highest damage sniper bullets to the face.

I would recommend doing this sooner that later. I don’t know when Ubisoft will shut down Div 1 servers, but it’s getting pretty dead, so I would expect it to be not far off.

I understand that feeling. That’s why you get someone else or a couple people that are fine with taking the side seat and letting you run the game.

P.S. I could also do a quick vid of L4D (first section of a mission) if that would be of interest.
P.S.S. I’ll be out a lengthy portion of today, but should be back after dinner… could get something started then.


Despite being proved a liar by recent events, my history is similar to yours. I grew up playing side scrolling games on home computers and consoles (ZX Spectrum, Sega Master System and Commodore Amiga)…I’ve only really been a PC gamer for the past four or so years, which is where the majority of people will experience FPS games. The feet thing hasn’t been my issue though…I would say that the style has never matched my tastes…In the past I’ve always been heavily into RPG’s because of the story, and more recently (relatively…) I’m much more a fan of third person action adventures (also played Skyrim in third person view).

However, i discovered that it would seem you don’t have to look very far to avoid falling for the Battlefield/Call of Duty experience. My Steam library isn’t littered with FPS games, but the first ones I really played were the FEAR games, which I picked up from Fanatical when they were super cheap (cheaper than they are now even, and when the site was Bundlestars)…then of course Half Life 2 because I felt that I must, and most recently Bioshock 1 and 2. Would I recommend you try any of those though? In short, no.

I raved about Dishonored…for me the game is almost perfect. It wasn’t just an FPS…it had a living, breathing environment and RPG lite abilities and story choices (the Blink ability is super fun). Don’t want to kill anyone at all? Or even be seen? Play that way then…or perhaps just murder everyone without mercy. I played through the game endlessly for the achievements and never got bored.

Did that convert me to loving FPS games though? No. I enjoy them, but I’d never choose an FPS over a decent Metroidvania or third person action adventure (like a Souls game). They have just felt somewhat limited to me because of the point of view. HOWEVER, playing Apex Legends has really opened my eyes…this is the first time I’ve played a Multiplayer game of any substance, and as an FPS squad based game it makes me want to try more FPS games.

Apex is free, so there’s no barrier to entry, and it has a colourful cast of interesting characters. Plus it’s pretty fast paced. BUT, what really has me addicted are two things, one of which was pure fluke…

I am a total noob when it comes to flicks and tracking and actually being good at FPS’…I’ve always played them for story and atmosphere. And playing with other people of random skill levels quickly got painful…so I posted on the EA/Origin boards…and I’ve now met some super people from all over the world and we play and have fun together. But even multiplayer on it’s own wouldn’t be enough…I actually WANT to get better. I’m not competitive with other people really, but seeing how good others are makes me want to improve and make my team better. And I’m better now that I was when I started but there’s still a long way to go.

So, I appreciate that was a little bit of a meander from the main point, but I’d suggest that you think about what you actually value in the games you play, and convert that to first person games. Perhaps give Skyrim in first person a go, maybe Mirrors Edge (can’t check atm, but if you haven’t got it I think I have a spare Origin key somewhere that you could have - ask and you shall receive!), or even Portal (because that’s fun)…and honestly, PLEASE give Dishonored another go…because it’s fantasti-abso-aweso-great-some. I didn’t much care for The Stanley Parable after a few play throughs, and the demo probably would have been enough for me…in fact I think you need to separate whether it’s the perspective that’s the issue (in which case the walking sims recommended will be good), or the perspective combined with the rapid change in character status with little indication of why aside from a loud noise and someone in the distance…in which case just getting accustomed to being shot at, moving around and responding would be sensible.

The multiplayer thing is also a great idea…now I know the joys of playing with other (nice) people it can really elevate the experience. I haven’t tried L4D (as I said Apex is my sole MP experience) but simply playing a good game with others makes the experience a lot better, especially if they can help you be a better player.

Also, set your FoV high and make sure your monitor is at 144hz…I can’t play the original Half-Life since it makes me sick (even Dead Space 2 did this to me initially) so take some steps to ameliorate any motion sickness problems.

Also, in case it’s not clear…play Dishonored… :slight_smile:


I actually started a new save file, and haven’t gotten back to the BOO yet, just got out of Brooklyn.

I am uncertain about tonight, got some plans. If you are up for something tomorrow or Sunday, I can probably hop on. I do hope that they keep the servers alive a bit longer, otherwise it would mean taking on everything single player.

I don’t have Skyrim, but certainly will look out for it a little more. Thank you for the offer, I will pass on it for now, I do have enough games to try for now. Portal and Dishonored, I will definitely look back to. :smiley: Thank you for the detailed thoughts though.

I will keep trying my hands at this FPS thing until I get it, and Dishonored is definitely on that list of must get back to games.

I have the GOTY edition on Steam, it says Oct 2000, so my hopes are high for this one too. :smiley: Probably just to go in and see, of course. :smiley:


Not sure if it’s still got servers or if it’s already mentioned, but TF2 is great casual shooter.


So good to have a lot of nice people giving suggestions and advice. Here’s my wee update:

Skyrim: have, but nix - can’t stand in FP, very dizzying because of the way the camera shifts when the character moves. Will mod help? Maybe, yet to install, distracted by designing and Orange Juice :stuck_out_tongue:

@Gnuffi: Fallout3 (don’t own it) but good suggestion to switch POV.

@Fraggles: I have Edith Finch on Epic Store (ducks!). Ethan Carter is a long time wishlist thing, but not sure this little potato can run it. Likely a newer computer required? Dunno.

@WikiTora: With me it’s a sort of vertigo - I’m sometimes really woozy even if lying down flat. Thief is a series that has fascinated me for a while, because of the world setting/design. I could try to get one of the games on sale. They can be very cheap sometimes.

@Glider: Remember watching friends at school play Duke Nukem - made me feel really sick. T_T

@Pylinaer: Hope you and YQMaoski get to play together. Don’t own L4D myself.

@xist: Added Dishonored to my Waitlist on ITAD. Btw, are we steam friends? (can’t remember)


  1. BioShock Infinite - another one I love the world it’s in. Give me Steampunk anything and I’ll try it. ^_______^
  2. Mass Effect 2 is on Origin - was on the house, long time ago.

@Doomy TF2 I have this in Steam for some reason. shrug Can run it too, but wow! 15 GB! O_o


For a long time I never played any FPS games - not because of disorientation per se, more that I hated the limited view compared to over the shoulder or top down games - but I’ve come to enjoy them probably more than any other genre looking at you Killing Floor 2.

I started with co-op Borderlands (though I’d recommend Borderlands 2 these days). It took a while but slowly I got used to it and could play for longer and longer sessions. Since it’s more open world than others, you have space to back off and take a breather if it gets too fraught.

+1 to the others who have offered their co-op services in BL or any other. I’m on EU time, so some organisation might be required depending. :smiley:

(I do still tend to get cornered though - always a work in progress ^^)

I’d recommend something like Earthfall rather than L4D. L4D has very floaty controls which might feel even worse than normal.


Assuming I know what you mean by FPS (first person shooter?), I would say start out small and easy.

Going full FPS might be daunting to you and then dissuade you from the genre. Something like Fallout: New Vegas (story + easy to use FPS mechanics) or go into simpler arcadey FPS games like America’s Army: Proving Grounds (which is also free) would probably be for the best.

Once you are more accustomed to FPS (ADS, reactions etc) start moving to FPS dedicated games like Warframe (free), Insurgency, Day of Infamy, CoD, Battlefield, Squad, Holdfast, etc or more FPS dedicated SP games (such as more Fallout games, Mass Effect, Borderlands, etc etc).

(from a FPS gamer)


If your first hurdle to play FPS games is the perspective itself, I’d advise to try relaxing/non-competitive games first. Something like Shoppe Keep, maybe Skyrim (where you can also go from 1st to 3rd and just explore the world), or Ravenfield, where you have complete control of the settings and how easy-hard it can be. Maybe even something like Farming Simulator might interest you, which can also completely be played in 1st person.

I’m also wondering if fiddling with the FOV might help. Because that has an impact on how you experience and percieve the world you’re playing in.
These videos of Feng Zhu explain it really well:
Part 1:
Part 2:


@orbus, will definitely put BL on my list as well, thanks. :smiley:

@Rhyagelle, I am already looking at Fallout games since yesterday. Hehehe… Probably mostly going to stick to single-player games initially. But if my timing fits with others who want to do some kind of coop, I would be happy with that too. I just have a really non-regimented gaming schedule. I often have to get up and do other stuff, even when I am playing, so I am not exactly an ideal person to play coop or online games with.

@RoPea, the videos are quite useful, thanks! Not my biggest problem at the moment. I have more of a problem with the physics usually and trying to place this gaming “body.”


If you need a person to co-op with on something I own, hit me up. I am not very good either so things should balance out between us. I am certain those who have played with me in the past can attest I am ‘fair’ when it comes to gaming ability.


That will work better. Just got home about 30mins ago and am beat. I’ll get a character started and out of Brooklyn.

err… actually… I think it’ll just kill the game. No play. I think it has to connect to the servers.

If TF2 didn’t still have servers, I’m pretty sure the world would be on fire and the internet broke.


Neither is any of the Mass Effects, but if they happen to have an option I’ll let it slip.

Halo is pretty much a standard FPS game nowadays, besides, the whole point is getting used to the genre, if having legs helps you to play those games then so be it, at least until you get used enough so you can play other games.

Have you tried to see if there any mods for the games you have played to put them in 1rs person?

DeusEx: Human Revolution and Mankind Divided are both FPS, but they have a cover system where you go 3rd person if you get in cover.

Damn right it is! You can finish the whole thing solo, but those end game missions are just :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
But ye, looters usually have bullet sponges as enemies all along.

Now if you excuse me, I’m in the middle of dealing with the Armagadd-on 2.0


Yeah, the incursions are impossible solo.


Sent request via the acorn express…

As far as the recommendations for the Fallout games go…the gunplay is governed not just by player skill but by stat allocation and behind the scenes rolls. If your goal is to improve your aiming then the Fallout games, like Mass Effect too, isn’t a good choice because of the lack of 1:1 input.


it’s been a while, but i’m pretty sure manual aiming in fallout was actually so simply implemented it was almost cheeseable in one of them, not sure if fo3 or nv tho,
but while dmg will definitely be on the lower end, as long as using m+k “hitting stuff” was fairly possible even with low stats… just damaging/killing stuff, with that bs beginner rifle, took, quite, a while o.0

but yea, get gun skill up as primary stat ofc if going to be a gunner :blush:


That’s so reassuring (: