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Getting into FPS Games


Apex Legends Season 2 starts tomorrow…Just saying…


“Getting into FPS games” Someone brings PVP and Battle Royale. Aye, situation normal, SNAFU :sunglasses:


Free game, that’s a first person shooter, with team based mechanics to help you improve…

You’re right, the best thing to do would be to spend a load of cash on a genre which you’re bad at and play solo so there’s no-one to help you.

Though I’m going to bug him regularly to play Dishonored…


I hope he does know how to ADAD 24/7 :smile:

And Dishonored? Would recommend going outside for a walk as well. It’s free and FPS too :wink: You hack n slash the flies and bees too.


Seriously besides pointing out old school shooters and their free versions etc, hands down. Maybe could recommend Slime Rancher, was free at Epic, that one even feels fine with joypad


There’s no joy in playing FPS games with a gamepad.


Ikr, many play them so though. Would say the best FPS with joypad is Walking simulator. :slight_smile: Anyway would play anythin with joypad, couch and chill, so i try…

Though anythin with shooting, precision and awareness, is indeed superior with mouse look. Whether it can be somethin like Quake or Warframe, or stealth, or open world, Batman, even Tomb Raider. But at least there r few exceptions here n there.


I;ve beaten Bulletstorm on PS4 ( also beaten it on PC years ago ) and … it’s playable , you can do it but it sure feels like a handicap’d mode to be honest.

Sure if you dont have any other means to play FPS other than gamepad you can get some fun out of it but you either need to play on easy/normal or be very very good at aiming with gamingpad ( which i’m not ) . I often challenge myself and play games on hardest difficulty and i’ve tried BS on hardest with gamepad and it sucked.


You know what the S in FPS stands for right?


Must be first person simulation… hehe…

I have more than one FPS on console and it’s exactly as you say, not nearly as fun as with Keyboard + Mouse.


Um guys… I hate playing games with keyboard. T_T


Ditto, I’ll choose a game-pad over a keyboard any day of the week.


Yea, dats what i say to those who just main controller.

Nice dat you bring this now, when people were tossing here Walking sims and Dishonored all the way :wink: Situation normal :slight_smile:

But FPS nowadays also stands just for FPS view and controls… also all the FPS tags…


It should obviously depend entirely on the type of game, different control methods are suitable for different types. I bet you wouldn’t want to play Epistory with a gamepad. Platformers, 3rd person brawlers or fighting games are often best with game pad no doubt. Most game with a first person perspective or that requires any sort of aiming is definitely better with a mouse+keyboard and the only thing that beats that out for a few subcategories is HOTAS setups for any sort of flying and wheels for driving.

That’s not even considering the countless types of games that are best entirely mouse driven. Many of them can work with a gamepad but that tends to make them slow, fiddly and often ruined by help mechanics. Some could potentially be decent with touch screen controls, but there’s certainly something to be said against moving your hands into and across your field of vision to interact with the game.


I think the comment implied that if there was a choice between Keyboard+Mouse and Game-pad, the latter will always be chosen.

And is a matter of personal preference as well, if I’m on my lonesome, I will always choose a game-pad over a keyboard for FPS no matter the game, because I categorically hate the harsh camera movement the mouse produces, not to mention the ‘stepping’ you have to do to turn around if you don’t have enough room on your mat or don’t want to increase your mouse sensitivity for whatever reason.

And even if I’m online I will do so as well if I’m playing for fun instead of competitive just because I’m more comfortable with it and let’s me be in more comfortable position while I play as well.


It’s all bout preference and experience, and compromises, pros and cons. Comfy vs best.

Playing FPS with joypad means a tunnel vision, no matter what you do. Competitive? Console only. PC, you would not last 20 seconds.

Not to mention it’s like being crippled compared to mouse look. The camera and moving yourself around, it’s like some kind of that arcade rail shooter, and not FPS rly. Joypad, I could only justify a rly slow paced FPS with enemies only in front of you, the rail shooter. Idk.

But hell, the classics should work anyhow, in 90s we all played them on keyboard only, no mouse. Unreal and Quake changed it all. Mouse ftw.


I still love the cringe people get when I tell them I play Dark Souls with my keyboard. Not keyboard + mouse, just keyboard.


Old school! :smile:


Haha I just didn’t have a controller at the time, and the mouse addition for the controls was atrocious. So I made to for it all with just the keyboard, and I’ve never been able to go back.


Well, keyboard has some advantages over joypad too, not?
You can place fingers on all the movement or action keys, and play it safe, respond/compensate.
Compared to the two poor fellow thumbs on joypad, maintaining it all :slight_smile: