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Games you've always said "Will definitely play that again someday"... but you never do.


That’s why I could never finish Legend of Mana, lol.


You must be talking about the newer version? I’m talking about the original series from the 1990’s.


Been saying I’ll play Halo some day and now with the Master Chief Collection coming to PC it looks like that day will actually come.

Ignore my edits, I think I’ll save that whole story for another time.


Awesome! Really hope that gets to happen for me. That your sort of game in general?


Actually yeah, it’s not the only thing I like but it’s certainly up there.


Dude, I had hundreds of crafting items :joy:
I just grinded a tiny bit and always scrapped all my gear for more crafting gear…I hardly ever crafted anything tho ROFL


at some point in the game you get access to this dude that, does something, so you “wait” x in game time, and he returns with the highest tier crafting componets (in random amounts) -and if one feels like needing other components the vendor in town sells the remaining (1step lower tier) other might need,
don’t think i even bothered scrapping stuff after that, other than to make “unsanctioned” components :stuck_out_tongue:


Look, don’t make fun of me just cause I never got there, the grind never stops :rofl:


This game was pretty good. I still have the memory of renting it a couple times from Family Video. Since whoever rented it before me scratched it up, I was constantly saving and cleaning the disc so I could finally finish it. I believe I also asked them to buff it once because it got so bad. I think people eat off those discs, I don’t know how they get so scratched up!

I used to have a list of games like that, but eventually I just came to the realization I’m not going to finish them and that’s okay.

  • Witcher 3
  • Zelda Breath of the Wild
  • Skyrim
  • God of War (PS4)

Notice the recurring genre theme, I’m most likely never finishing vast open world games. I often just get bored of them too fast or the world feels too overwhelming and I just put it down never to play it again. Luckily, this is why streaming exists (or gamer roomates) :smiley:


Ditto! Love open world games too, but yea, you do get overwhelmed. Felt that way with LoTRo and FFXI at times too. The more you run around, the more places there are to go, lol.

It was much more fun to watch a friend play Aidyn Chronicles: The First Mage for Nintendo 64. Game is massive! Hard too though, esp. when you get to the Spirit Wolves and physical hits don’t hurt them. >.<

Right now, watching Skyrim streamed is a lot more fun, :stuck_out_tongue: Still would love to play Threads of Fate again, you?


You can finish Skyrim???!?!?

Never got invested in the plot. I spent around 3 hours on the story, 15 hours trying to glitch climb mountains, and 150 hours depopulating towns.


Psst! I know who you are–hail Sithis!


The guy watching Stream lately is in the Dark Brotherhood guild or something. It requires you to eliminate people. Often for no reason at all.

“Glitch Climbing” - wasted a good bit of time trying that in Zelda: Ocarina of Time (which I did finish! Hail!). More like glitch jumping, lol


I did on my own, with lots of preparations of course, but having a buddy to help is always nice. As for group of friends, it almost never works because of schedule. Furthest I got with a group was into hardmode beginning. :rofl:


The only reason I don’t go back and play older stuff through again is because I usually discover something new that I could be playing instead. I did go back and play thru some of quest 64 though


Same, when it came to a group of friends :smiley:
As well as in Borderlands 2, where the furthest we got (with 3 or 4 players) was after that city took flight, or in Titan Quest, where we only got halfway through Egypt.

My brother is way more reliable, he spends half of his time here anyways^^
I do miss the times with my best buddy though, where we played twice through Borderlands 1 as well as finished the original Titan Quest together.


I never cared for the main quest, until I eventually thought “fck I spent hundreds of hours in this and yet I can nvr tell anyone that I finished it”

so I took my 3h to slay Alduin like the weak POS he is lol


Whoa! That’s a ton of hours and having got complete lost my first time playing, I can easily see how that would happen. All I did was fall in a river - boom! lost, lol.

I think Skyrim is designed to be one of those “play forever” games though, no?


Considering it’s on EVERYTHING. Yes.


Feels like most of my games these days. In particular:

FTL. Unlocked most of the ships, but I haven’t finished a run on hard yet.

Grim Dawn. Finished a run on normal and I think I started on the next difficulty.

A Hat in Time. Never really got into the DLC.

Age of Empire 3. I played a ton of it as a kid, and I have it on my steam account, but I haven’t touched it for 2 years :grimacing: