Games you've always said "Will definitely play that again someday"... but you never do.

I am impressed. O_O. Maybe we should start a Chrono challenge. Hm, but some people have 1k plus games though, lol

Ooh, started to play that and was too much for me. Couldn’t keep track of everything. One of your faves?


It’s been tried
But then everyone got started on Hollow knight and forgot all about it. I think op probably perished in their attempts to raise their completion rate as we never heard from them again.


Ouch! Pity but that would happen with unfortunate timing. There might never be a best time though. Lots of new hyped things coming out. Devil May Cry 5 was pounced on pretty instantly. This Sekiro thing is due, etc, etc. Still it’d have been a fun challenge. Maybe needs to be more informal - like “How many old games can you play this year?”


Um, Mass Effect on PS4? The series was only on PS3, with 2 being notably a little weird compared to the Xbox 360 and PC versions.

If you’re sure it was a PS4 and not a PS3, that means the one you probably witnessed was… Andromeda. Yikes!

I recommend giving the series, at least 1 and 2 (3 might not run too well on a weaker PC), a fair shake on PC some time if you can. It’s best experienced today on PC thanks to a fan mod collection called “ALOT” (A Lot Of Textures), which is super painless to install and improves the graphics in a way that preserves the original style. As the games progressively got better visually, the textures remained the same quality or even got worse as the games went on, so ME3 looks somewhat uncanny thanks to how low-res the character outfits and such can look in the vanilla version.

Now, for DMC advice…

…yeah, it might take you a while, it sure took me some time. All I can really suggest is that Phantom is very subsceptible to the jumping attack if you can directly hit his head. Another important note: don’t be stupid like me. Use your Devil Trigger to regenerate health and massively increase your damage output, and use it well! Other than that, get better at dodging. It’s definitely a bit odd and takes some getting used to, so don’t feel disheartened if it takes a while to click.

Don’t waste money on yellow orbs or other consumables. If it isn’t a special ability, blue orb, or purple orb, it’s not worth your time. 1-shot Consumables are crutches and don’t contribute to your abilities at all, so the more you use them, the more you’ll fall behind in vital skills and upgrades.

DMC1 is a simple game, so all you need to know is this:
Y + Y + Y (fast): 3 hit combo, basic mashing stuff.
Y + Y + (light pause) Y + Y + Y: 5 hit swing. I didn’t really use this one too much, but it’s better than the 3 hit combo.
Y + Y + (heavy pause) YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY: Million stabs. Extremely stylish and keeps an enemy stunlocked, but damage will be a bit disappointing if you get interrupted before that last hit lands.
RB + Up-Y: Stinger, closes distance quickly.
RB + Down-Y: High Tide, launches enemies upwards, use guns to keep juggling.

Unfortunately the first boss (Mission 3) isn’t the hardest one at all. Mission 4 right after may kick you in the teeth several times. It’s going to hurt a lot. If you absolutely need it, there’s an exploit where after a certain very unpleasant thing happens in the first-ish room of Mission 4, you can DT your way through the fight for a massive number of red orbs. Finish this encounter, save the game, reload your save, and repeat as necessary to grind red orbs.


Well, so far it STILL looks a lot simpler than 5 does, lol. Seriously though, read the in game help and yea, you can roll dodge, back flip, etc. (needed to know that before, :P) Not easy, but practice, practice, right?

The million stabs - only get that out sometimes, and so far only when I had Alastor.
Basic mashing - easy, but gets you a D-rank every time, ha ha
5-hit swing - pretty, but so far, really random for me.
Stinger: don’t think I know that one yet?
High Time:: practicing that one now. Juggling is my favourite thing to see in game. Definitely got to learn to do it. (Enemies is DMC5 are good at it >.<)

Phantom: The head, huh? That dude can attack every which way, tail, squash, (face) fire stream, lava columns, and then his front, er, legs? Going to have to get great at dodging I guess. Herm.

Thanks for all the tips. It’ll be worth learning the game properly. :slight_smile:

Also, think it WAS Andromeda. I’m awful with names. :slight_smile:


It’s okay… I understand. Surely, your face is tired after trying so hard to fight Phantom.

But yeah, dodgerolling is unfortunately both gimmicky and essential. It’s going to be RB + jumping to the side, or jumping backwards for a backflip. Complete with the moving camera, it’s going to take some getting used to.

You’re right about Stinger, by the way; it has to be bought from the shop before you can use it.


@CptMold LOL, I dunno, but my paws were… I was running and hiding behind columns like a bard. :wink:


Ditto on the camera. I end up pausing to think which direction is “Dante’s back” camera wise. Don’t know if DMC5 is less bouncy with angles.


They are:

Tales of Graces F - JRPG

Borderlands: The Pre-sequel. - FPS (more commonly referred as “Looter Shooter” )

Terraria. - 2D Cave Exploring. I’m surprised you haven’t played it.

Call to Power 2. - Turn based Strategy.

Majesty. - Real Time Strategy/Management

Sleeping Dogs. - GTA in Hong Kong

Super Meat Boy. - Difficult Platformer

Rainbow Six: Siege. - FPS



Only ones tempted to try are Tales of Graces F and Terraria. Hm. I’ve never explored a cave before, 2D or otherwise, lol. Only platform ever liked was Commander Keene. It was too funny. Don’t think ever got to the end of that one. It’s another “maybe someday”. Don’t think I’ve the patience for DOSBox or such right now.


I could list a lot of games but the one where i’ve felt this way for the longest time is the original real King’s Quest series. Every time i’ve tried to replay them, i realize that they were a bigger time sink than i thought. In my several attempts to replay them, i never finished the first game.


Tales of Graces F is not on PC (yet!).
And the description for Terraria doesn’t quite so it justice, but it’s on damn near every platform so have a look and see if looks interesting.


Terraria. I don’t know how often we started a round in various groupings of friends, but never got too far. My brother and I made it so close to the moon boss, destroyed at least one of the four pillars, but then again lost track and never picked it back up again :sweat_smile:


I grew up with Commaner Keen 4 on my parents’ old DOS PC, it was so fun, but could also be hard as balls^^

I definitely recommend Terraria to you. I love the game, and sank countless hours into it since back when it was at version 0.6. It’s more than cave exploration though lol, you find and craft tons of gear and fight lots of different mobs, bosses and some wave attacks on your base, and it’s overall a metroidvania style game (if you know what that means)


I can imagine. >.< I can’t stand playing Rogue like stuff, but have watched my friend play some of one of these. The narrator is hilarious, but the only way to know what the right action to take is, is by you know, getting killed trying something new, lol.

“Well, well, well. Water are you going to do now?”

Ha ha. It’s worth playing just to hear him, but can’t imagine actually finishing it either. :smile:

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Just took a gander at it and the enemies are well, lots, lol. O_o Commander Keene could be really hard but don’t remember being quite that surrounded by a thick mob. Hm. Never tried a game of that sort actually, so I’ll Wishlist it somewhere on other. Hopefully it won’t turn into another… “Maybe Someday”. :stuck_out_tongue:

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oh boi I played that game through twice in like 2 weeks, lotsa fun

For me it’s definitely Kingdom of Amalur, beautiful huge world and a cool fighting system, but I can’t get myself to play again, I just end up grinding crafting ingredients lol


:thinking:but why? <ryan reynolds>
you get them for “free” later :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
get to a decent progression in the story and they literally throw them at you, and the rest you can buy from vendors :man_shrugging:


Are we talking about the same game? There’s no narrator.

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Herm! I’m mixing up names again then. Sworn it was King’s Quest with the snarky narrator. I’ll look up your list then, since I’m remembering wrong. Apologies. The one I’m thinking of, the main character is called “Sir Graham”.

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