Games you've always said "Will definitely play that again someday"... but you never do.

Threads of Fate for me, on Playstation. Absolutely loved Rue, :slight_smile: with his sword and shape-shifting abilities. Just never got around to it again, to round out exploring, etc.

Perhaps, I’m afraid it won’t have “aged” well in actuality as it does in memory. What about you? Do you have a game / game list like that? What besides time, gets in the way?


Crackdown 1 and Saints Row 1 on the 360… the first born in a game series is often my favorite. :rofl: I haven’t gone back because I don’t have a 360 anymore so when I start to emulate I shall revisit these games. At least that’s the plan! lmao


Betrayal at Krondor. Games quite dated now, but I love everything that Feist writes (which is why Antara can fuck right off)


everything on my wishlist


Yup, that’s me and Threads of Fate. No Playstation so I’d have to go that route. SO easily distracted by current shinies too.

That does look cool. Can’t beat an RPG with a great storyline, hence why I’ll never forget Threads of Fate.

You’ve got stuff you used to play on your Wishlist? You mean, like on Steam, for instance, in absence of a console?


Mass Effect 2. I hate this game, but I want to give it one more chamce at redemption to see if I was just judging it next to its incredible predecessor.

The Technomancer. Great game with some huge glaring flaws. I love its combat mechanics and want to give the game a run on the hardest difficulty, this time changing up my upgrade path and choices a bit. I’d also like to test a mod I’ve wanted to make that fixes typos and line swaps in the English version, as the game is surprisingly easy to mod. This omission is just down to time.

Resident Evil 5 was on this list because I was looking for a friend to play it with. Happy to say this prerequisite was fulfilled. An additional copy on Steam was purchased, many Majini were given a left hook or somersault kick, the phrase “Come On” was repeated countless times, and a volcanic boulder was indeed punched. It was a great time.

Red Faction 1. My progress was stopped dead in its tracks by a gamebreaking bug late into the game. I’ll eventually come around to starting over, actually finishing this game this time around.

I guess you can add Devil May Cry 1 to that list. I’ll replay it on Hard some day, but for now I want to play through 2 3SE, and 4SE to prepare for DMC5.

Alan Wake is another one. This game was great… was. Ever since a driver update, the game is stuck under 20 FPS no matter what I do. Hopefully I’ll sort this out some day and find a workaround.

I can’t name anything else for now. I don’t replay games often. When I say I will, I usually mean it.


Many, because I have a problem that when I like a game I don’t quite finish it, so I have a reason to go back and play again. And the games have been piling up for quite some time now (sometimes just the last boss is left, etc). I’m sure I’ll finish them all, one day, in the not so distant future, when there are no backlog, and no new games to play, because Epic bought them all, and I’m a proud member of LA RESISTANCE! :smirk:

I’m trying my best to finish new games now, I did finish Rebel Galaxy recently and went for 100% achievements as well. yay me


There’s plenty of games I could list. Morrowind (I love that game modded, but it’s overall jankiness and slower pace means I have to be in a specific mood to play), Pikmin 3 (I’m procrastinating on getting 100%), Yakuza 0, Dark Souls 3 (I quit playing after getting stuck on a boss, and now I’m busy going through Bloodborne’s DLC, and eventually I’ll be busy with Sekiro).


Tales of Graces F

Borderlands: The Pre-sequel.


Call to Power 2.


Sleeping Dogs.

Super Meat Boy.

Rainbow Six: Siege.


Aren’t they playable on XboxOne with backwards compatibility?

SR1 was cool and then two was basically an extension on that. Truth be said I liked all the Saints rows I played thus far, even Gat out of Hell.


I don’t have any consoles anymore. Thank you for the advice though. Never even tried Gat out of Hell that’s where I fell off haha.


:palms_up_together: library

:smile: :+1:

i buy way too many games, and play way too little in recent years for this not to apply to a lot of my games. Probably more than half my GoG purchases alone have been purely out of nostalgia, with an underlying sentiment of “yea, i’m probably never gonna get around to this again anyway”. Since i try to prioritize “new” games bought that i at least haven’t tried before, -even tho sometimes (often) i don’t actually even get around to play those either…

still can’t find my diablo 2 cd, been trying to rummage around and locate it past couple of weeks, mainly so i wouldn’t get tempted to shell out 20€ just to “buy it again” -since i’d likely not actually bother to play it.
I’ve got warcraft 3 installed, but probably not gonna play it. Also because it always gives me a slight desire to get back and play some WoW, and that is absolutely not gonna happen :triumph:(especially not now with classic on the way :sweat_smile:)

just back in january i (re)bought Prince of Persia the Warrior Within (a game i already own on disc :man_facepalming:) with the thought in mind “i buy this and then i replay the series” -aaaand… yea :flushed: think you all guessed by now i didn’t actually replay it… sigh :disappointed:

*looks at GoG library alone
Baldurs Gate, Fallout, Xcom, Settlers, HoMM, Rayman, Pandemonium, Sim City, Unreal Tournament, Zeus+Posidon etc etc etc…
haha, yea, i’ll totally get around to you guys again “someday” :ok_hand::pensive:

*looks at Steam library

:dizzy_face: :skull:

“oh, what’s thatbeing released next week?:thinking: that’s totally not gonna take up a ridiculous bunch of my time” -leaving “other” games unplayed, yet again :sweat_smile:


Princess Maker games. This is a franchise where you act as a father who plans the schedule for his royal daughter so that she grows into a fine lady (or a warrior, or a writer etc.) I enjoyed them back in the days where the only possibility to play was to download pirated copies translated by fans. I loved every game I could find back in the day, spent hours with them trying different routes.

Then Long Live the Queen reached Steam, and it was awesome. The game was fun, cute, had less micromanagement comparing to the games it drives inspiration from and was so engaging. So when several years later Princess Maker reached Steam, I insta-bought several games: my favorites and the titles that I never played before. And it turned out… I don’t like them anymore ._. The gameplay often felt clunky instead of enjoyable, many events were random so an entire long save can be broken in a single unlucky roll if you don’t want to resort to save-scumming, and the stories were nice, but felt more generic than what can be found in the indie segment nowadays.

Still, I remember that these were great games and I am going to return to them someday and have a good time… just not now.


I’ve used to force myself throu games just because i felt compeled to finish them since i have started them … nowadays i dont really have that much time for games so i’m trying just to enjoy games while i feel they are enjoyable. If game i was sure i will love to death gets boring after few hours … well , who cares? I will put it away and play something else.

For example i had this game in my backlog for years called ‘Dashbored’ and i finally tried it out yesterday… took me ,and i do not exaggerate here , 5 minutes to get dashBORED to infinity with it. Just deleted it and throwed to my ‘garbage bin’ subcategory in steam :smiley:


SimCity f*cking 4

and many more that are rotting in my digital libraries that I’ve forgotten about.:joy::sob:


Towerfall Ascension and Mercenary Kings; I play them 2-player with my brother, but we don’t live with each other anymore (that’s just part of growing up, though). And yeah, I know we can play Mercenary Kings online, but then we gotta schedule a time when neither of us are doing anything.


Nearly all my GOG games are from when they were free, like NeverWinter Nights. That’s a sort of intensive game, like how WoW is I’d imagine (never played), so if I can invested in it … rabbit hole, lol. GOG is tempting me to get the Alone in the Dark series. Yes, the movie were awful, but somehow, like the concept.

My new stuff that I’ll likely never play is from Indiegala and GroupBuys - hence I’ve got some random stuff to giveway. >.<


That’s quite a list! I’ve never played any of those. Likely not my genre, esp. if they’re FPS.

@MrBonesWildRide Those sound intense! Just restarted Devil May Cry yesterday and stuck on the first boss. Never got further first play around, so I get what you mean there. Good luck with Sekiro. Lots of hype around it, so hope it’s geat! :slight_smile:

Yay on full achievements! I thought of going back to Moebius: Empire Rising on Steam to complete the achievements, but some are so random and odd, can’t be bothered, ha ha. Plus, I like the first half of the game, but second half story is like they ran out of budget and actual good ideas. >.<


Never played, but I did watch bestie play on her PS4 last year before she sold it. Graphics on characters was awesome, but apparently it does glitch a bit. Didn’t seem that bad to me. Herm, Maybe it was first, not second?

For DMC 1 - I’m a novice striving to learn the movies and get through boss #1 on Normal, lol. Cool on you for getting through that game once! Can’t run Alan Wake myself. Hope it doesn’t give me trouble the day I try to - got it ages ago, for like $1 or so, due to the music copyright running out? Something like that…

The feels, lol. Sound like simulation or time management kind of games? Not good at those myself. Even the timing in Harvest Moon made me nervous. O_o

Aw… good on you to try it though. Sorry it lived up to its name. What’s nice on the try list?

I didn’t SimCity at all, but that statement, yes sigh, I need to share out (more things that we’ll likely never play), muahahaha!

Living with my bestie and we have the same problem. Life. >.< Do you co-op in anything now at all? We were talking about such in a Board Games thread.


age of empires games and the godfather ps2


I did the same thing with Guild Wars 2, I should probably think about going back…

In terms of games, I can’t say too much… especially since I decided to try and play every game in my steam library to 30% completion.