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Games you've always said "Will definitely play that again someday"... but you never do.


I don’t think so, it eventually gets really really dull. I honestly can’t play it anymore cause it aged so badly, combat looks so ridiculous and feels very off, especially after having played Witcher 3 or Dark Souls 3.

Eventually you’ll hit the point at which you can basically 1-2 shot everything…and then only mods are left :3

It was fun for it’s time, I don’t see myself touching it again tho


That was the only reason i ever played Skyrim TES/Fallout games in the first place :stuck_out_tongue:


Heard about Tamriel Reborn?


Yeah, we’re pretty much all in that boat with you, lol. Never played any of those. Faster Than Light looks pretty cute. Not my usual thing though. Hope you do find time to get back to stuff you really liked? Or do you have new shinies distracting you as well? :stuck_out_tongue:


Has to be Skyrim and Persona 5


You and me both. Persona I’ve heard is a really good game, but the original is super expensive. Usually end up putting a game aside for a while, because I get stuck.