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See! The system knew! You didn’t fool it.

Man, I hate this…I can’t “like” things any more. and I have 6 hrs to go…LOL But we are taking this thread down the rabbit hole…aren’t we?


Outland is real good! Also, Battleborn is free-to-play from now on.


I blame @Fraggles …he should’ve just automatically known i was gonna make a thread, now this whole mess is on him when the law gets here!

@WikiTora yeah i was sad i didn’t pick it up in a bundle but hey, all’s good now! And i was gonna post about Battleborn here myself but you beat me to it!

Here’s a clickable for you fine folks (people love clickables!):

There’s an announcement on the page that’ll tell ya all about the situation with the free version. Have fun if you wanted to play this but weren’t willing to pay much, I couldn’t play it even if my graphics card didn’t die because of 6 GB RAM minimum. Do make sure you meet that requirement before downloading, just in case! :wink:

Fun fact: Seems the gearbox forums use the same discussion platform, Discourse, as the chrono community!


Anyone going to be on Steam Summer sale watch when that starts?


I assume you just mean hunting for the best deals as flash and daily sales are probably gone for good after the refund system. And in that case you can probably count on everyone that posts here regularly to chip in with some cheap games they liked!

Now to dig out me contributions for easier access:


OR you could look here…


Well i did set up the basic premise and say that all the info you’d need is on that page. :smiley:


I miss the old steam sales though, it was exciting to catch some flashy deals every day, but I guess the salt from people who bought games before flash sales happened flooded the Valve headquarters. Now we have the “it’s this price for the entire sale” boring sale.

The rule was to be patient and wait until the last day to buy at normal sale price if the game didn’t show in the flash deals. But some people can’t.


“(Or at least they used to)” =(


Of course I’ll be °w°


I’ve just added 9 games to my recently created GOG account with GOG Connect. Dropsy and Reigns which were sold here are available


Ill disagree on that. Given the fact that it was the first sale that happened after refunds were introduced i think they removed flash sales because people would buy day 1 and when a sales comes everybody would refund creating tons of work for valve staff. Also it takes time for a refund to go through wich means the guy cant even buy the game during the flashsale. Resulting in lost time and work for valve and a disgruntled customer


Serious question here… is this Refunds = No Flash Sale a position that was ever acknowleged or is this the community coming to a consensus about a trend everybody noticed?


Can’t say either with certainty, maybe i’ll look into it later tonight but i think valve at least said that it did it so certain people wouldn’t miss deals for one reason or another. Also, i think they commented that since those sales went away they’ve made more money but there are other factors at play (steam increasing in both game and user number most obviously) but i sure do miss that fun factor.

Also there’s a pre-order for some mystery bundle on groupees,“The 6er”, for a buck fiddy and according to chat it has 3 unbundled games. One game we do know apparently is Sky Break on Steam. You’ve got some 40 minutes left if you wanna gamble a bit.


I see your point. I never really needed the refund feature, so I don’t have much knowledge of it. I’m not a compulsive buyer and usually I wait a good period of time before I purchase a game, it’s rare for me to buy a game at day one, early access or pre-order.

Since most games release with a considerable higher price due to my currency, even though steam applies a conversion discount, it’s wise to wait for some deals as well. So, I’m careful with what I spend money on.

Refunding is also something I don’t do because I don’t turn back on my decisions and I usually research about the product before purchasing, but I can understand why others would use it.


People in the US are used to returning items, rebating things for money, mortages… yeah, to me it is very weird as well. But that is how they operate.


Energy Balance free on Indiegala


PAYDAY 2 free on steam


Beat me to it, i was afk and saw the pop-up announcement from the Payday 2 group just now.

Got it ages ago, never liked it too much. Maybe some of you that get it for free will enjoy it. :slight_smile:


[quote=“ZeeX, post:150, topic:3563”]
Got it ages ago, never liked it too much [/quote]
I don’t like the DLC shenanigans they are pulling with this one now
granted one could argue i could have just gotten in on the deal “in time” to get them/the ones i (might have) wanted for -85%, but still, not letting it be up to the customer which they want to buy in the future i think is just bad practice
"forcing" them to now buy all (granted at a great discount, but still), 45$ for the complete package seems wrong, "let the people decide!"
pretty decent and fun game imo, but the dlc’s put me off, now that i wont even be able to pick and choose, for me that already own some dlc, i just got even more turned off to look at it again some day in the future maybe