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Frozen Synapse Prime -- Free at GreenManGaming (Out of Stock)


Just scroll down and click on “Get Your Free Game” and a voucher pops up where the words are…

Then you have to add it to your cart and check out with the voucher I think…

Yup, it works:

looks like there are about 5+ hours left, or whenever they run out.


I don’t see the Get Your Free Game thing. A shame. :frowning:


Did you log in to the site?


Yes, I’m always logged in. :sweat_smile: but I just used another browser to find it though. My cache apparently would not clear on my main browser.

(and it looks like it gives you an extra copy?)


I remember when I activated a previous Frozen Synapse Prime key, it gave me an extra gift copy in my Steam inventory. I don’t know if this is still the case, though I would imagine they probably haven’t changed it. Though that was quite a ways back, so I cannot confirm that, perhaps someone who gets a new key without having it in their library can comment?


Got it, thanks. :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:

ROFL…Already have it…Like usual.:sunglasses:

Added to all my other games now.


Yes, it did give me an extra copy of the game when activated.


GMG first tells me my account doesn’t exist, but it logs me in anyway. Giving me access to my account details and previous purchases but when I try to hit the “get your free game” button it still tries to make me login. I add the game to the cart anyway and now all of a sudden the coupon code becomes visible, but the game shows up as out of stock.

So that was an interesting series of errors.


It must have run out of keys…

@Fraggles, if you would like, I have the key I got from the site, you can activate it and it will give you an extra copy in your inventory as well.


I’d be happy to take it and if anyone want the extra copy let me know.


I’m getting the same out of stock error as you. Logically, I know they’re referring to game keys, but it’s still silly to think about a digital game being “out of stock”… Somebody call the internets and tell them to manufacture more 0s and 1s, greenmangaming is plumb out of 'em!


In your mailbox. :smiley:


You need a key???


I wouldn’t say no! But only if you already have it/don’t want it.

If I do manage to get one from GMG, I’ll pass it along to anyone who wants it (I’m not hopeful at this point, though).


Check your messages… :heart_eyes::sunglasses::star_struck:


Who da best? You da best! Will pass the second copy on to a friend.


Ya iz gone idk if i would have played it tho tbh lol


Out of stock :disappointed_relieved:


someone have a spare key for this?? already out of stock:( thanks


I still have that extra copy in my inventory if you want it.