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Frozen Synapse Prime -- Free at GreenManGaming (Out of Stock)


If you still have that spare copy i would love to have it :grin:


Mine went to Fraggles, and Delenn’s key went to BlivetWidget, I believe. They each have a spare inventory copy because the key gives 2 copies, so you might want to see if either @Fraggles or @BlivetWidget still have a spare inventory copy to gift. Maybe @NICK9X9 has a spare as well. I don’t know if anyone else managed to grab a copy in time.


I’m giving @Madway first dibs as he was the first to voice an implicit desire for it, but were he to decline the offer passes on down the timeline. I believe @BlivetWidget said his extra was handed over to a friend of theirs already.


Thanks, but give it to someone else. I like claiming freebies, but not if it means I’m taking it away from someone else who might actually play it.


Alright, let me know by tomorrow’s deal change whether you want the gift copy or not, then I’ll let @francot have it.


damn forgot to check the site for some days and disqus too…iff yous till have the spare key i would get it, if not i thank you in any case, for your kindness