[FREE] Uplay+ Trial (new subscription service) & [FREE] Steep Japan Map

Ubisoft is offering a free trial month from September 3rd to September 30th for those who request it using the link below:

Also for those interested, you can grab the Japan Map for the game STEEP for free from June 10th until June 16th. The only problem is that you have to grab it via the in-game store. So that means that you need to have the game installed. :confused:
(Japan Map may be available forever, but at the moment you don’t need to grind for it)


oh another subscription service :0


JUST WHAT WE NEEDED, amirite? :+1:

In a more serious note: this is useless for Linux users, but I always appreciate you letting everyone know about free dibs, Nick. :blush:


One thing that I didn’t like at the Ubisoft conference, it is priced way too high for what it is. Competition is cheaper and no price break for the many games that we already own on there. Rather just buy the games as there aren’t that many we are missing, even including the upcoming ones we want. Also no family share :frowning:


Well you should have taken into consideration the existence of exclusive subscription services with tight licenses before you went ahead and got yourself a family.


lol maybe so, but there are plenty that offer family share features. PC xbox game pass is a great example of this and cheaper.


Currently my own family to play games with isn’t interested in Ubisoft games - she’s a Sims fan, and my Chrono family already pwns me in Board Games. I’m good. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m joking man. I also think Family Sharing should be mandatory!


lol yeah I knew you were joking. I know it is hard with family share because people abuse the system, but it sucks when we all live in the same household and cant get that feature.

Edit: Whoops don’t know how I replied to the wrong person lol


I think I will try this out. But I have to remember in September? We are still in June aren’t we? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

And I don’t mind the idea of subscription services because I relate it to back in my day when we would rent one game for…$8? And keep it for…5 days? It’s been so long I think that’s right. So having that as the baseline I can justify paying it.

But I don’t! DRM-free is the way to be! Muahahaha!

Seriously though, I would rather buy the game permanently because my free time is sporatic and I may pay their monthly subscription and just not have time to play games that month. Which is a waste of money.

However, I may give this free trial a try. But I won’t if they ask for my credit card. What’s the point of a free trial when I already have to give my payment information? Or if the launcher is invasive and mean to my computer.

EDIT: There it is!

Restrictions apply. One free trial per Ubisoft Account from September 3rd to 30th, 2019. To begin free trial, you must provide a valid credit or debit card. You will be charged the full amount of the subscription price ($14.99 per month) on expiration of the free trial on October 1, 2019, unless you cancel before September 30th – 11.59pm, by visiting uplayplus.ubisoft.com.

I expect the website to be down on the 30th so “Oops, due to a technical glitch your cancellation didn’t register.” Meanwhile, they keep my credit card info? :worried:


The best thing is to cancel as soon as you get if possible (some don’t or u have to wait 7 days or until it ends), these autopay free trials are dodgy.
I remember doing one of these so called free trials before and guess what they charged me, even though i cancelled. Because they did this thing called a validation charge which is supposedly is returned. But because they decided to do this transaction in a foreign currency (canadian dollars maybe) my bank account got charged a small tax.
They blamed me for something in small print, they should make it clear what they are doing. Pretty nasty, have to be careful with these. And there are some services which will only let you cancel via phone even. Probably mostly smaller companies.


nah those are just very dishonest companies that do that, they bank on people signing up online that don’t want to call. Not many do it anymore here in the US since California passed that law against it. I say this is a pretty typical free trial offer that will probably be easy to cancel, not sure if you cancel early if your trial ends though like Sling and some other companies do.


Oh so there are big/medium sized and dishonest companies that do that?
Good thing they passed a law, it’s a very bad thing.
Though i’m more careful with so called free trials now lol


Yup try to cancel any cable/internet package online. I know they really dont offer trials but most times they make you cancel by phone only, the typical Validating Identity BS. Also a little different because you have to sign stuff in person, so the law wouldn’t apply here but it is the only big companies I can think of lol. But yeah you are probably right it is more typical with smaller companies to do this type of trial cancellation BS.


Ouch. I signed up as I already use UPlay, please don’t laugh, and the email said they’d notify on September 3 to start the trial. I don’t remember anything about credit card data. Herm.


Next Lord Gaben will announce Steam Elite =P


I got free map in 1.5 hours with 5 fps. DO NOT TRY


Not sure what’s wrong. I claimed it, played on it, and i didn’t have any problems with it.


what exactly do you mean by this? We love Steep, really fun game to mess around in and runs great.


So guys, you have to install Steep to activate the DLC right? I’ve tried and I keep getting a video driver not installed error, so I can’t launch or enter the game. Any ideas for a workaround or fix?