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[FREE] Uplay+ Trial (new subscription service) & [FREE] Steep Japan Map



I mean all I can think of is to use another computer to login to ur uplay account and install the game, then download the dlc.
But then you wouldn’t be able to play it still.
Did u check the game is compatible? And that you’re using the latest version of driver, that there are no known errors for it?


Did check for known errors and the most people say is that sometimes it doesn’t run after installation, so you have to close Uplay and reopen it, then launch. No dice there. That’s what the Ubisoft page said too. >.< Oddly, the computer usually opens most things, it’s the run speed that’s the shortcoming.


Before people start hating on ubisoft, I just wanted to ask if anyone knows if their is a problem accessing the subscription or the site or launcher and if anyone is having problems with this due to overloading the servers. I’ve been trying for awhile to even get to the page which has been a pain for me since I wasn’t even sure I was being sent to the right page since I saw nothing about uplay+ multiple times. Their site is kind of annoying to navigate. It should be more simplified. I looked in the uplay launcher and there is nothing, so, I tried the browser and that’s where all the confusion started. Anyone got the subscription to work? I just wanna play some free games. That’s all I’m there for. They get no praise from me.


There seems to be a massive problem on their end at this moment, Uplay+ should be live but some Uplay+ links are broken so you can’t access it or sign up, people are not getting their trial, others are getting charged instead of getting the free trial. They are aware of this issue and are looking into it.

There will be a maintenance on Tue, 3 Sep 2019 from 17:00 UTC+3 to 20:00 UTC+3, hopefully that will fix it.


“We’re sorry but Uplay+ isn’t available in your country yet.”

This, after I signed up for the trial in the early, lol.


Yeah, sadly it’s not available in a lot of places.:frowning_face:

Also it seems like they already got the page up and running, but i’ll still wait a bit just in case, because i don’t want to be charged by accident.

And i’m wondering if i join the trial and get the Ultimate Edition for Siege, will i keep the items in it after the trial is over or i’ll go back to Standard Edition? :thinking:


whatever, its free until Sept 30th and it gives me a chance to see if I like Far Cry 5, so I’m taking 'em up on their free trial. If it really is $1 a month I may consider it until I beat a few of their games. :sweat_smile:


For whom is it $1/month? I only see $14.99/month…


I signed up for the trial when it was announced. I guess that’s why it showed $1 with a slash through for $0? :thinking:


It says that it’s $1 for me as well, but i think that might be a visual bug, at least that’s what ubisoft support is telling people on twitter.
$12 for a year would be too good of a deal.

But i mean who knows, they said that the 20% off coupon code wouldn’t work on already discounted items, but i still got Siege and Wildlands with an extra 20% off.


It would be a great deal but the thing is that is how much I paid for game pass. Have game pass ultimate until 2022 for $1 a month and it has family share. I own almost everything I want on uplay and the few upcoming games I want I would rather buy than have to pay for multiple $15 per month subscriptions for us. It is nice they include the ultimate editions on uplay+ but game pass seems to be doing that on some games as well, we are getting gears of war 5 ultimate edition tomorrow on game pass. So yeah we wont be keeping uplay+ after this free month as it is just too expensive compared to the competition.