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Free Game up to $10!



Really? This may be a predicamint if the winner is out of the US…

Guess we’ll have to wait and see shugs


It also depends a lot on the game I think, because a lot of recent releases like The Forest were more adjusted for price difference (13,39$ vs 11,24 euro which is about 5% difference) whereas before it was 1$ = 1 euro for steam prices while the exchange rate is 1$ to 0.87 euro atm. So that would alreadyt be a 13% discount.

Here they state it’s a 10% difference
I dont know whether its only true if you gift it 10% cheaper or also when its 10% more expensive.


Very generous of you!


Quick question regarding your steam profile(s)…are they both yours? Or is there an element of misdirection involved, shining a lamp or the person who thinks they make videos? I’d guess the latter but your Chrono profile states the former.


Thank you for your generosity! That’s nice of you to do this, also I think i’ll put my chance too into this. :smile:


Most of my wishlist is currently under $10, so :kiwi_fruit: :smiley:. Thanks for doing this!


What do you mean by the multiple steam profiles and videos?


Thank you for the kiwi pic! ^^




lampo vs kiwi


Still confused… I’m sorry


Tell you what, I’ll PM you! :smile:


Alright, thank you!


The fruit or the bird? Hahaha


:kiwi_fruit: sure is tasty :heart:


The bird, they’re my favorite animal! :heart::new_zealand::kiwi_fruit:


The fruit is pretty good too hahahaha


$10 is a lot considering all the winter sales on Steam.

Thanks for the give-a-way! I want to enter too.

If I win I wonder what I would choose…Endless Legend :kiwi_fruit:or Fable Anniversary :kiwi_fruit:or Darkest Dungeon :kiwi_fruit:or Age of Wonders 3 :kiwi_fruit:or 20XX :kiwi_fruit:.

Hmm. I’ll decide if I win first, this is too much to consider. :smile:

Or maybe I should be silly and ask for The Deed.


That’s exactly why I am doing this now rather than later, since Jan 3 is the end of the sale