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Free Game up to $10!



That’s a solid list! If it’s your first time playing them I hope you enjoy them as much as I did my first time through :slight_smile:


Alright thanks for clarifying. Ill take a shot at this then :slight_smile: :kiwi_fruit:


Well, let’s give this a go. :kiwi_fruit:


It’s my first time playing Slime Rancher and Limbo! I’m trying to get all the games I loved on my 360 onto Steam (Hence why I said I have a big library) and all I can say about Slime Rancher is this:



That’s fantastic! I hope you enjoy them!

@LordAo, you make me laugh…

I am still trying to convince you to spend it on your self, maybe Slay the Spire or Enter the Gungeon, or Hollow Knight? Someone here gifted be Ori this sale, and it’s one of the most beautiful games I have played.

Lol… I will not suggest any more… Anyway, just saying thanks for being magnanimous.


Of course! And I can’t really spend it now lol

I have a rule where if I say that I’m giving away something, that thing is no longer mine and is now in the possession of the future winner. (I also think this should be a universal rule, just as common decency)


Of course I agree with you on that. :grinning:



Half of my wishlist is $1~8 games that I’m too stingy to buy ._.


Well good thing I’m giving away $10 haha



Absolutely egregiously generous of you.

Question. What if i use Euro instead of Dollars?


If it’s under $10 for me (USD), then I can get it for you! I can let you know if I can buy it or not if you tell me the game ^^




if a wallet card is gifted straight up it converts the dollars to euro at exchange rate levels, so you get a bit less
however when a game is bought, it’s bought in the gifters location/currency/price tag, so would have to be 10$ for OP
some games wont be allowed to be gifted anymore if set at 10$=10€ because of how some settings calculate that as a “cheaper” cross region trade, it varies on game to game, but a bunch of games must actually cost more in $ than the usual 1:1€ tag they have, in order for the $ exchange rate price to be able to match “your” 10€ store price tag
so would basically have to take a chance and see if X 10$/10€ game would allow it in their individual circumstance -or just opt for something that cost less €


Ohhhhh, I thought you had multiple 40$ steam gift cards, I’m sorry I didn’t understand, I for some reason assumed you had around 40 dollars to spare so I recommended that you keep extra if anything pops up that you want.
And do not apologize, you are still very generously giving away 10$.
So Thank You for this amazing giveaway :blush:


If I had multiple $40 gift cards I would probably give them all away XD

(Having any amount of money over $100 gives me anxiety)


:kiwi_fruit: healthy an tastey for sure!



well I wish there was a kiwi bird emoji, so I have to settle with the fruit haha


You know what, I’m going to enter this one…who knows what may happen…



Regarding sending a game through steam, I believe there is a rule now that the price difference between the buyer and seller cannot be higher than ?% (I think 15%). Otherwise it’s not possible to gift it. So if you are from the US and the receiver from Europe it might be rather tricky.


Very true. I am in Canada…I can’t gift to EU, UK, Aus. or US. I did manage to gift to Brazil…