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[FIXED] Epic Games Store is REMOVING the games billing information on timely basis



Yeah, I watched it yesterday, and it’s one of the reasons SidAlpha’s content comes off as poor. He has some similar arguments but doesn’t have the ignorant vitriol of SidAlpha. Jim’s main argument is the poor attempt at humour that comes off as patronising and condescending in the opening part of the statement. He has no issue with a small developer taking the money and is supportive of them being able to put food on the table. The idea that anyone who’s self employed proceeds not to bother with their work after getting paid is nonsensical.

They knew they were going to upset people by going with Epic and decided to try and be funny about it. The fact that a horde of keyboard warriors started thinking that they no longer care about their audience is just plain deluded…the only thing Glumberland is guilty of is trying to be funny and failing miserably.

So if my objection is “null and void”, can you clearly and simply state why you’re so upset about their poor humour, why they hate their customers and will clearly not put any effort in to finish the game properly? Because maybe I’m just stupid but your position seems more like the herd mentality of “Hate Epic and all associated” rather than taking a reasonable position on the matter.

Yeah they do…can you quote exactly where they’ve said something in their announcement worthy of this level of vitriolic response? Because I’m really not seeing it…


the ppl guilty of that response need to spend a few days of hunger due to poverty, just a few (I’m not wishing them any real harm), just to have their perspectives realigned/adjusted a little bit


It’s not necessarily their announcement. It’s their responses to legitimate questions that really seem like they don’t care. I know Jim Sterling quoted one. I would go back and check, but apparently the video was pulled? That’s actually rather odd.



Hmmm, I didn’t see that Sterling video.

Puts on conspiracy hat. But I think he criticized the developer for replies on the discord that were later proved to be fake developer replies. Then to hide his mistake, he pulled down the video and claimed its to stop harassment. Takes off conspiracy hat.

Normally he just does both? Says developer is bad. Says harassment is bad. He normally doesn’t care about what 3rd parties do after he puts out a video. Too bad I can’t see it to verify my guess.



Ah, makes sense. yeah, it’s one thing to tell them you disagree with their decision and they came off like a prick. It’s another to send threats.

I would check back in a week or so after something else has caught people’s attention.

Considering the one quote I was talking about was from the Ooblet’s discord, it would be very difficult to fake admin colors.

I think it’s because they are a two person studio that Jim doesn’t want to fuel the fire because those people are very close to the brunt of the threats.


If you’re talking about the statement that gamers should be gassed, he did not talk about it in his video from what I remember. I think the video came out before that thing happened or at least gained tracktion.
He explicitly said that he does not begrudge a small developer getting some financial stability by agreeing to Epic’s deal. What he critiqued was that they went about announcing it in a very dumb way.


I am not going to say much on this topic because dang it is way too touchy of a subject lol, but I do not really get what was wrong with their original article. These devs had a deal with Double Fine before Microsoft acquired them, and for anyone that knows Double Fine this is the exact twisted humor kind of content that company loves. This is what I would expect from them and I personally found the article to be hilarious, the world needs more humor :slight_smile:


yes, but humor is not allowed anymore, because as soon as u make a joke about anything these days, someone gets upset about it and starts a holy war


I know this is a bit late but hey, i’ve been distracted -

“I recognise that none of this post equates to an apology in any way that a lot of the mob is trying to obtain, and that’s by design. While some of what I’ve said was definitely bad for PR, I stand behind it. A portion of the gaming community is indeed horrendously toxic, entitled, immature, irrationally angry, and prone to joining hate mobs over any inconsequential issue they can cook up. That was proven again through this entire experience. It was never my intention to alienate or antagonise anyone in our community who does not fit that description, and I hope that you can see my tone and pointed comments were not directed at you.”

And honestly, if you disagree with the above paragraph then I think you’re part of the problem.


If you spit at 10 people you should probably expect to be spat back at by 10 people, they wont nor are they required to elect a representative to spit at you in return to keep things fair. Pick a fight with innumerable people and you’ll find yourself fought. This is not a particularly strange concept.

Calling everyone who wont celebrate you making an already known to be unpopular choice toxic, entitled, man babies and trolls to attempt to preemptively protect yourself against deserved criticism is the issue we’re having with these developers. Then saying “Look we were right” when people are indeed upset about being attacked makes them as much part of the problem as anyone else acting out of line.

These devs struck first. None of this would be happening if they behaved like reasonable people.


so u compare making a bunch of innocent jokes to getting harassed, insulted, bullied, and threatened???

they never said u had to like what they do or did, everyone is perfectly entitled to dislike it

wtf are u talking about they struck first? who did they harm???

these ppl are being psychologically harmed on a daily basis as it stands

and before u say they should’ve showed empathy first: no, they didnt harm or wrong anyone

everyone should be free to conduct their business as they please and make jokes about that as they want, and everyone else is free to like it or not, but no one is free to threaten, insult, and harass them about it

if anyone would be doing what they’re doing to these ppl online irl they’d be going to jail for it or at least get a no-contact order issued by a judge, in addition to potential financial damages for psychological harm

and again, im not defending what they did, i dont even care, it leaves me cold either way, i though it was funny but im perfectly fine with anyone saying it was stupid or not funny at all or in poor taste or whatever, and anyone who feels that way thus has the freedom to not buy their game and say they wont buy it or whatever

we shouldnt even be having this discussion, as i said from the beginning, i dont even understand why there is a discussion, and im done with it


No, just nothing here to respond to. You’re entire post is non sequitur.

Your ignorance on the matter is not an argument.

I’m sorry but I’ve clearly and concisely explained my issue with the whole thing and none of the things you’ve inferred are correct.


I know that you honestly think you have, but can you actually do so with reference to the original developer post that I linked to above, and highlight the statements that you think are deserving of this level of vitriol? (especially when the tone of the message is so obvious? Because at the moment your stance seems more emotional than reasonable.


No I don’t particularly care for your tactic of demanding people re-explain themselves over and over to drag things out. If you do not understand what I have said I recommend you re-read my previous posts.


Thanks for that response, which was clear and concise…I think anyone reading this topic can see exactly the source of the problem here.


I have some times doubted it, but I often chose to hope for the best and that they are indeed able to do so.


Ooh I got a video that perfectly describes my position!

Ever considered that BOTH parties are in the wrong?

There are gamers that fly off the handle on some stuff. They throw threats and other retarded stuff at the developers.

However, this has never JUST been gamers. People harrassed the Wendy’s Twitter Master to the point of her quitting because some dumbass reporter leaked her information and people are fucking idiotic.

So you know, maybe it’s not just gamers but people in general.

Lastly, the developer isn’t exactly a shining angel. A pure innocent group that did nothing wrong. They tried to be funny about it. Some people thought it was. Some people thought they came off as complete douche bags. It probably would’ve been fine if they had left it there, or you know, said they were just trying to take it light heartedly. But no, they continue to come off as pricks to a fair number of people. Assuming that xist’s post is verbatim (I did not read the full article), it appears they were intentionally stirring the hornets nest, to “prove a point”

This reads like it was their intention to antagonize those who DO fit that description. I’m sorry, but if you hit a Hornet nest with a baseball bat, you can Fuck right off with your “I did nothing wrong” when you get stung. That is not how you fix such problems.

So to recap:
Some gamers are more than retarded.
But, the devs have been dicks too.

I’m my opinion, BOTH groups are wrong.
And two wrongs don’t make a right.

If you do not like my use of retarded, My opinion is calling these people who threaten others in such a way retarded is a compliment.


Have you read the initial post? You’d have to be really trying to rage to be that annoyed by it. It’s a tad condescending, and the dev team admit that it was a mistake in many ways, but you really have to be a little immature to get so riled up that you’re sending out threats.



Have you read anything other than the original post?

I don’t understand why you are so insistent on the OP.

We get it. They were trying to be funny.

But it’s the further interaction with the community that, from my understanding of how they have acted, makes it worse.

I’ll be honest, I’ve haven’t really been following this so there is something I may have missed. If you have something OTHER than the announcement, please post that rather than insisting that we reread something we already have.

I’ll reiterate. I think Both parties are at fault. No one’s innocent. The devs made a mistake and decided to continue digging the hole and some gamers took stuff much too far.