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[FIXED] Epic Games Store is REMOVING the games billing information on timely basis




Yup, and this is what Fraggles is defending. Sickening that you can side with this. (edit - by you I mean it in the general sense, not you personally).


Well now you’ve made an entirely incorrect claim. I am defending nothing, these things has got nothing what so ever to do with the point I’ve consistently been making from the very start.

You’ve been the one trying to make this about something else, misdirecting the issue and now trying to put words in my mouth.


From my first post…

It’s seeming more and more that you’re part of the angry mob over this, and after refusing to actually clarify what part of their statement you’re so upset about, and claiming that I’m “demanding” an explanation as some form of tactic, well, frankly It wouldn’t matter what argument I had you’d still feel you were on the right side. Getting defensive and somewhat condescending is what you’re arguing against…


Question for you. You watched Jim Sterling’s video.

What is his opinion on this?
Paraphrase since AFAIK it’s not viewable still.

And yes I watched it too. But I want you to tell me what you thought he said.


Yeah you’ve been making these accusations from the start and I didn’t feel they were worth acknowledging with a response because they’re so far off the mark. Just because you say something doesn’t make it true. There’s been no hatefulness, vitriol or mobbing going on here from either me nor SidAlpha. The only vitriol in that video is from the devs, you claiming otherwise does not change anything.

See what you’re doing here, what they were doing from the start which is what is at the core of the issue is to conflate the people in your image with EVERYONE who has legitimate complaints about a company’s decision. They did it preemptively because they knew people would be upset and I am merely of the opinion that people have the same right to be upset with Ooblets taking this unpopular path as they are with Mechwarrior doing it. At the same time they also have the right to be upset about being defamed like this.

See the difference between Mechwarrior going Epic exclusive and Ooblets going Epic exclusive was that Ooblets did with snide remarks and claiming that if you have a problem with what they’re doing you’re one of the “toxic entitled gamers”. Then you come along and make the same claim, I dislike what they’re doing and have said as much, Sidalpha disliked what they are doing and have said as much, JimSterling disliked what they were doing but seems to have changed his cape with the wind. None of us have attacked anyone, yet you claim we’re an “angry mob” and show us a picture of a few people misbehaving as if to claim that’s what we’re doing.

You’re wrong, they’re wrong. As Pylinaer said horrible people exists everywhere, take a random sample out of humanity and you’ll get a few ever time. Claiming that they’re representative of whichever group you’re currently looking at is disingenuous at best and only serves to vilify and alienate the entire group.

Is this clear enough for you?


Uhhh. I didn’t think this needed to be written but…

Range of Ethics.
Beautiful <<< Good <<< Questionable >>> Bad >>> Illegal

Crowdfunding a game to help indie developer >>> Beautiful!
Taking Patreon money to help indie developer >>> Beautiful!

Game becoming Epic Games exclusive despite crowdfunding >>> Questionable!
(Hence why it is still being debated and a “hot topic.”)

Writing post to badly joke about people that will get angry
(which was admitted as the reason for pre-writing it) >>> Bad!
(And quite bait-y of them when they knew there is an obvious group that hates Epic Games.)

Putting gamers that are mean & gamers that criticize the decision in the same group as toxic entitled gamers >>> Bad!
(These are two different groups that should never be confused as one.)

Name calling/Bad words >>> Bad! (I guess depending on which country you live. Illegal?)
Pirating the game >>> Bad!/Illegal!
Threats of Harm/Assault/Violence >>> Illegal!

As far as I’ve read. Nobody here wants someone to get physically harmed. So assuming that is >>> Bad. And there will always be someone that types about something illegal on the internet. So let’s remember that these are all just words.

Puts on conspiracy hat
I especially hate when someone clips pics of hateful content because who’s to say they didn’t type it to themselves to play the victim and push a view that people who hate their decision are bad people. Anonymity works for both sides.
Takes off conspiracy hat

And I’m sure someone has been wondering about my newly minted conspiracy hat. Here is a sample picture that is almost as big.


Dude, you’re doing what you tend to do, which is not acknowledging the fact that you might just be wrong, and twisting the argument in a way that suits your position. This is not that image of someone being wrong on the internet.

Quote me back anything that makes those accusations you make about my posts clear…you’ve stated that the developers don’t get to complain about the hatred they’ve been targeted with because of that initial, somewhat poorly worded and not very funny post about the Epic deal. You seemed strongly offended about that post from the start, yet you’ve completely failed to state why, and in fact refused to do so. I’ve made it clear that the response from the general public was unwarranted, and you’ve made it clear that you feel Glumberland deserve what they got.

No they didn’t…where are there snide remarks? (just kidding, I know you won’t tell me what you find so offensive in that announcement). They’re not very funny, but it’s obvious from a mile away that the person writing them is trying to defuse the potential storm in a somewhat humorous way. Their Patreon did not promise keys for the game, and in fact promised cat pictures, something which is not influenced by the Epic deal.

You seem to be totally blinkered about this because of the association with the big company buyout…it’s not a liberal stance you’re taking but an almost militaristic view. In your opinion I’m wrong, and they’re wrong, but if your responses have shown me anything it’s that you won’t accept any other views that contradict your own…an echo chamber of the worst kind.


Well as expected we’re now stuck in that loop where you refuse to try to understand what I’m saying and keep on demanding I explain things I already explained. While also sprinkling in some personal accusations all of which I fully reject.

At this point there’s nothing left to say on the matter and so I will not entertain this topic any further.

Good day.


derogatory or mocking in an indirect way.

I think you picked the wrong word.

Moving on…

What about these?

This was a legitimate question and the developer passed it off like the person was one of the mob. Like really? This is the one Jim Sterling mentioned.

Oh I dunno, maybe to buy games in bulk? Cuz you know, maybe I want to buy Door Kickers, Panoramical, AND My Time at Portia at the same time.

This is what I’m kinda perturbed about. I find it very insulting. I don’t like the EGS and never plan on using it. I don’t care for what Epic is doing. If I raise my concern civilly, I feel like I will get thrown under the bus with the rest of the trash that are being shits about it.

Now to further the discussion here. Why might people be a bit miffed? Well maybe because back in June of 2017 they launched the Steam page for this game. People felt they were paying money for the development of the game and for it to be launched on Steam. And just recently they decided to go Exclusively to EGS. Yeah, people are going to be a bit disappointed about that. I nearly wrote mad, but I have a feeling it would be taken the wrong way.

The developer KNEW there was going to be backlash:

And then proceeded to come off condescending. They deserved the disappointment from people for both of those actions.

Note, I am not saying ANYONE should be deserving of threats. But if you fuck up something, you deserve the disappointment that comes with it. It’s called Consequences.

They also attempted an apology. But again, made it appear that if you didn’t agree with how they approached the apology you just might be a part of the mob. Which again, is untrue.

I disagree that this is even an apology.
I don’t disagree that a portion of gamers take things way too far. But then again, other people do too.

So according to you, I am part of the problem? Start thinking grey.

I don’t know. I might be able to say that of you too.