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[FIXED] Epic Games Store is REMOVING the games billing information on timely basis



? it’s just a repost of my earlier entry, perfectly fitting this outcome,
not a “dig” at you just because the old post are is "quote"box :+1:


He can’t read/reread… too much work ;]

Slap a pointless meme and he won’t notice.




Reasonable roundup for the latest round of Epic cockups.

Edit: Update with response from Sweeney

Turns out payment history and email receipts are important, huh? Who’d have thought!


I like sid Aplha’s video’s a lot. And when he talked about billing in the update video, I was thinking about this topic directly.


Huh, interesting. I checked my payment history yesterday and it was the usual “last three months only” deal, but now it suddenly shows my entire history all the way back to Shadow Complex Remastered freebie in 2015.
Can anyone confirm that it’s not just me?
EDIT: I decided to check more myself and lo and behold:

So the official stance currently is that 90 day history was a bug. Still doesn’t look good that it persisted for so long, but at least it’s supposed to be fixed now.


They do send email receipts but only for games you actually spend money on, Steam is the same as they don’t send you email receipts for free games. Steam does have a great activated license history section though.


Now the payment history has a button “Show More” and I can confirm that it shows everything from the freebies… so far. Never installed the client though, yet. Thanks a lot for this update!

Seems it’s fixed for now, so I will change the title, but still - if this is not the case for everyone - feel free to mention it. Cheers!


Not only is that purchase history fixed. You now get an email confirmation even for freebies claimed. :smiley:


Well good on them for fixing that much, real easy thing to set up so, so now they’re at GOG’s level in this one regard. I loathe that it took a youtuber to call out Tim Sweeney personally for it to happen.

Remains to be seen if these receipts will be taken seriously by their support staff next time something goes missing from an account though. Or if they’ll keep insisting you remember whichever credit card number you used first or all that other nonsense they’ve been demanding.


Repurposing this thread to a general Epic screwup documentation thread.
Epic store saga continues and we can now showcase a new interesting result of devs getting their payday ahead of time. Which is them showing their utter contempt and down right hatred for their would be customers.

It’s a bit of a shame, the game looks cute and possibly fun. But with the attitude shown here I can’t imagine they’re going to bother to as much as finish the game, why would they? They’re already guaranteed to profit no matter the quality of the product.


Ouch. That is a very unfortunate video.

From what I know, game developers do live in an echo chamber. Game developers talk to other game developers. For advice, networking, friendships, what have you. So they really have their own private community. Sadly, their community succumbed to a lot of trash talk and hatred for “gamers”. They always vent about people that hate their games. These developers have a lot of resentment and literally can’t distinguish between fans with criticism and anything negative.

Toxic gamers. Entitled gamers. Trolls. Man babies. (And many other inappropriate nouns.)

These are just some examples of what game developers say to “other” their critics. And it is simply easier to do this so that they don’t have to listen to negativity.

They will not realize the result of their bad decisions until at least 5 years or when they try to continue making their next game. And then, people will not remember the developers that mistreated their fans because names are hard to remember for that long. And gaming studios close/rename themselves to hide from their bad history. Consumers will need to see a list of named developers attached to a history of their development behavior in order for the developer community to realize there will be consequences (ie. nobody buying their game).

All this animosity only started…3-5 years ago? So it will be a few more years until gamers put together a (as that video is attempting) dirty devs list. Which I agree with the idea of having. That will be for players in the know. But it might be even years longer to bite the uninformed players too.

Thanks for the video. It really made me think about a lot.


That Ooblets has gone epic exclusive and the way the developers are treating gamers is hurting, this was my most wanted indie game of 2019. I’ve been looking forward to it for more than a year… :frowning:


I’m a little disappointed that you’d follow the loud angry mob without actually thinking about it from the Ooblet’s developers side, and the amount of hyperbole in that first statement is downright ridiculous. This is also a terrible video which demonstrates a total lack of thought or insight about what it actually takes to earn money if you’re a small indie team, and based upon it I’m incredibly surprised that this guy is so popular. People don’t like Jim Sterling but he’s leagues ahead of this person in terms of reporting.

The way that Glumberland handled the announcement of the exclusivity deal was stupid…that’s not in question, but the deal in itself isn’t a bad thing. They’re a duo who now have the ability to work on the game without fear of keeping the lights on…this gives them the freedom to create the game that they wanted and possibly hire more staff to realise that dream. To say that they hate their customers because they took deal is just weird, and furthermore to say that they won’t bother to create the best game that they can (or finish it) is also a crazy statement - if a dev team wants to have a bright future then their game has to be desirable. Epic (or anyone else) is not going to want to deal with them again if there’s no interest in the game.

Glumberland need the game to sell, and to do that they need it to be the best it can be. The money they’ve received allows them to focus on that, rather than worrying about making the right decisions or pushing the game out early. When a writer gets a cash advance to help finance them as they write their book, If that writer just takes the money and runs, delivering a poor quality novel, who’s going to publish them afterwards? No-one…they’re done. Glumberland’s announcement was mostly in poor taste but Ooblets is now guaranteed to release and potentially be better for it.

Glumberland said, but the intensity of the response was such that “I have been crying nonstop for the last two days and feeling like the world has collapsed around me.”

There’s hatred in the phrasing you use, and whilst I’m sure you don’t want to associate with the mob who drive people to fear and tears, you don’t seem to have put yourself in the situation of the tiny team of two who made this decision. I don’t agree with a large portion of their statement, but taking the deal and the reasons for it seem to be valid in this case. Epic supporting small teams to make indie games is…a good thing??? Not sure how anyone can raise pitchforks about that…


Well this is the type of damage control I’ve been seeing about this whole thing, deflection and misrepresentation. They are not being criticized for taking the Epic deal, that’s entirely beside the point. What that video, me and most of the people I’ve seen discuss this is upset about is exactly how they announced it. I claim they hate their customers because that is the way they have expressed themselves.

So since that’s not in question your objection seems null and void.

Spare me the whole oh woe poor indie developers just trying to keep the lights on, that is completely irrelevant to the discussion.

They do not get to say the things they’ve said and then start crying victim.


Parenthesis: one thing I love about this is how (especially in the case of) female developers will go ahead, call the whole gaming community “men babies” and THEN try to empower women in gaming.

Like, my love, if you do realize we’re not all pieces of toxic waste and that that’s the minority, then why the heck do you need to ahead and resort to name-calling to prove a point?

And also, if they’re using the fact of other people being crude to sign deals, maybe they should double-take themselves and


(this is reference to their blog post)

LMAO these devs :ok_hand:


I just wanted to take a moment to share, that my love for you grows!



WTF is wrong with this world, OMG

So at first i just ignored this topic cuz who cares, but now that u guys are still talking about it i started to wonder what was wrong, so i read through the whole statement made by the devs, and i simply couldn’t understand what the problem was exaclty. Like, why would anyone be upset about anything here???

So i open the vid cuz i’m like, there’s something i must be missing, and so the guy starts analyzing the wording of the statement, which was obviously composed in a very tongue-in-cheek and humorous manner (something i actually appreciated while reading through it initially) and assuming and declaring all sorts of shit about the devs

OMG ROFL WTF, there’s not even a subject here, ppl are just insane and have nothing better to do cuz it’s August and school’s off i guess

and that’s all im going to say about any of this because, again, there’s not even a subject here, let alone something to actually discuss, talk about a storm in a glass of water, talk about a fly siting on a pile of horse shit, talk about the cheerleader slept with the quarterback…



You asked?

Sounds to me like Jim has some similar arguments as the first video.


talk about a storm in a glass of water, talk about a fly siting on a pile of horse shit, talk about the cheerleader slept with the quarterback…

Venting anger is cathartic and natural, but let’s have just a little perspective about what we decide to get angry about. Look at the things going on around you and ask yourself if there might be anything just a tad more worthwhile to be upset about. Here are just a few suggestions: Climate change Human rights abuses The new Twitter desktop UI The last season of Game of Thrones.

I hope you realize that you basically did the same as the developer. Minimizing and devaluing people’s opinions is never the right answer. Of course some situations are more important than other situations. But that’s not what people are talking about. We’re talking about this situation and trying to resolve our different opinions of right and wrong when applied to this situation.

It is the reason I never join fandom communities. My favorite from those groups saying something along the lines of “If you don’t like it, then don’t play it.” But I do like it, and I want it to be better. Instead it is used to beat the community into only having one opinion and any criticism on a part of the game means you don’t like the whole game therefore you’re not welcome.

Getting back to the point. If you really can’t see why people are mad, I can simplify it.

  • Some supporters don’t like Epic Games.
  • Ooblets goes to Epic Games.
  • Some supporters get mad Ooblets went to Epic Games.
  • Ooblets laughs condescendingly at some supporters for getting mad.
  • Non-supporters get mad at Ooblets for mistreating supporters.
  • Ooblets gets mad at some supporters & non-supporters calling them toxic entitled gamers.
  • Gaming community gets mad because Ooblets hit the GamerGate button (gamers are mean, gamers are bad). Link to video explaining the old story here.
  • Both sides accumulate more anger the more they interact, the end.

As I mentioned before, it is unfortunate. Only because of the lack of civility that could have prevented most of it.

It is about treating people behind the computer like they have value and their opinions matter. “You mad bro?” is the culture of, if you care about something, I will laugh at you for it because how dare you have opinions?
It’s a good way to create a silent majority that will never inteact with you. Which is the goal of making an echo chamber. But bad for game developers when they really need everyone’s valid criticism for fixing games or making the next game better.

I hope that cleared up the confusion.