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There was a light… it seemed so warm, peaceful, welcoming… but I kept hearing my name called… I looked away trying to see who called me… I lost sight of the light for but a moment and now it’s gone.

22nd of Paintober: Ghost


Had to face just how far into weebdom I’ve sank making this one, because as much as I tried I could not come up with any cultural signifiers of ghostlyness other than those of the Japanese. I mean western ghosts are just transparent people or a floating sheet, very little to work with there to create an original ghost out of.


that’s not a ghost, that’s just Bob messing with us with his Halloween costume

oh, good old Bob :roll_eyes:








Time tend to pass differently in different realms of perception, so it is all relevant when you proclaim something as

23rd of Paintober: Ancient



24th of Paintober: Dizzy

Another obscure character, Dizzy the Egg. Probably known by more people through occasional mention in Yahtzee Croshaw’s Zero punctuation than from it’s game in question. Drawing a decent egg shape free hand was remarkably hard.


Not that I want to be too predictable or anything but…

25th of Paintober: Tasty



Wasnt he like a game character from DOS times?


Three self portraits I did in very different different styles.



*Gesturing vaguely at my body of work here *
Do I really need to do one for today?

26th of Paintober: Dark

Well I did anyway.


I have been practicing Photoshop and I have made some of these monstrosities



27th of Paintober: Coat


It’s a coat, not much to really say about it but I’m fairly pleased with how it came out.


I really appreciate the pockets & the collar.



Got this yesterday… am I doing Inktober right? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy:


Not if you don’t get one every day. : )
It’s quite lovely though.


I wonder what could possibly be about to happen to this guy tomorrow.

28th of Paintober: Ride

This one I’ve spent the most time on out of all the submissions so far, ended up going all out precision pixel art effort here. Someone slap that idea out of my head if it ever comes intruding again, thanks. Though I am rather pleased with the final result.


Very pretty :cherry_blossom: :white_flower: :rosette: :rose: :hibiscus: :sunflower: :blossom: :tulip:

@Fraggles, I have noticed a big difference since you started this. It’s true…Practice makes perfect. Loved the coat and now, this…


Thank you, the difference is mainly that until this one I have strictly avoided using any of the line or circle tools that paint offer and drawn everything free hand.

I started this by hand but I couldn’t get the car shape good enough so I started out freehanding the curve of the roof, wind shield and bonnet then pretty much pixel by pixel altered it to fit. Then using reference images and primarily the black decals as reference points I painstakingly got it all together… some how, over 3 days.

It’s mostly about how many hours you’re willing to put into something.


So coool! May I ask what’s written/drawn on your neck? (:


Bite me? And I WILL bite you back!!!