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Well it occurred to me that not too many of you might actually know who I drew yesterday, well his name is TROGDOR The burninator
Burninating the countrysi… ah no looks like we just missed him.

13th of Paintober: Ash


16 year old memes, I bet Trogdor is older than some of our regulars.


The wheel of time turns,

14th of Paintober: Overgrown


These couple of days worth of drawings would have been so much easier if paint had layers to work with.


your best work so far imo (I know jack shit about art or what’s supposed to be good or not but regardless, imo it is)

(also, Bob must be just behind one of those hills, right? or behind that tree?)


and Ages come and pass, leaving memories that become

15th of Paintober: Legend



I love the people you drew there!


Legend fades to myth,

16th of Paintober: Wild



I used to draw a lot when I attended trade school. Classes were easy and boring and I needed something to do besides filling my SoulSilver PokéDex. This one is my proudest work. It’s been forever since I last drew something though, and I really miss it.


I don’t have the material for inktober (except my old school pen, if that counts). Can I draw these with pencil as well, or does that not count?


Sure thing, anything counts here as we’re not about to start and elitist inktober cult lmao :joy:

Eager to see your drawings!








and even myth is long forgotten when the Age that gave it birth comes again.

17th of Paintober: Ornament



WOW :dizzy: 17 days!!! Awesome work, @Fraggles and company :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


Well yesterday was a bit of a cop out, I admit. I just liked the joke too much as a fitting end to my 2nd story/theme arc of paintober. I didn’t really want to just go easy two days in a row but ideas are starting to run dry so the obvious picture will have to do.

18th of Paintober: Misfit


I did try to not just go with plain white pieces though.


I wanted to at least post something in this thread. I admire @Fraggles and @Pylinaer’s determination to draw every day, and post whatever they’ve done. Wish I had that willpower.

Did this stanky looking Winnie today because… Blizzard :neutral_face:

Tried doing my NES a couple of days ago, for the purpose of learning some perspective.

This one I believe was at the start of the month,
And definitely is my favorite. Someone might be able to guess who I drew. Might.


Not actually drawing everyday, but draw the previous days to catch up when I do.


19th of Paintober: Sling


Not much to say about this one really, it’s a sling. Things are going to be pretty plain and obvious for a couple of days here.


20th of Paintober: Tread

You might think that doesn’t look like a very good tire, but this is as good a condition as you could possibly expect after it’s flown across a Finnish dirt road at 100km/h.


21st of Paintober: Treasure

…or is it?


I call mimic.


I have to say, that I am in awe of your skills @Fraggles :sunglasses:
Honestly, that’s really creative! :grinning: