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Ugh , dark.


Well, I guess that’s the end of poor Bob after all. RIP Bob


Bob was the one inktober thing I cared about and now he’s gone… plis bring Bob back



It isn’t confirmed that this is Bob, just that they are wearing the same color of pants and socks. BTW @Fraggles why isn’t Bob wearing shoes?


Some more basic art.


where’s Bob at?


I’m not happy with this image. I really didn’t know how to continue this or what to draw for today. I tried to portray the striking patterns of the ww2 grave yard fields in France in an attempt to stay in theme. I thought yesterday’s image would be more impactful if delivered in silence so I have chosen to talk today instead.

10th of paintober: pattern


Suicide is something that kills an awful lot of people these days and it’s not showing any sings to stop climbing. Many times when you hear or read about someone who took their own lives you tend to hear how surprised everyone is and how they always seemed such a cheerful person, always joking around. It seems a common tendency among people suffering depression to seek to spread joy and amusement to others. Humour has always been an important tool for people to deal with hardships, making light of challenges in your life helps make them appear less insurmountable.

Humour is also a very good way to interact with people without really letting anyone in close. People likes to have you around if you’re a funny person and they wont expect or press you for any serious conversations and if that should happen they can always be dodged out of with a joke. Maybe you have someone within your group of friends and acquaintances who’s always the funny one but no one really actually knows. This can be a trap that is very easy to get stuck in. There might come a time when this person finds that they really do need to try to connect with someone and share what’s really going on behind their jovial facade. This role they’ve built for themselves makes this many times harder than it should be and opening up that door, letting someone else in can be really scary. What if they only like you for that role you’ve played, what if once they realize you’re actually miserable they’ll stop wanting your around?

The reason I’ve chosen to talk about this is to showcase this particular pattern. If you know someone like this and notice them trying to reach out, it might only be a moment before they raise that jovial facade again and resume deflecting with jokes, make note of that. If you care and you think you’re the one they tried to reach out to, reciprocate. Show them that you do truly want to get to know them, try to give them opportunities in private to try again.

It is not easy to be a friend of someone suffering from mental ailments however and while you should never make their mental health your responsibility, it is important to know that it can be very tough.

Tomorrow I’ll try to return to my more amusing and crappy paint doodles, though I’m unsure I will be able to keep it up all month.


not the fields of France, but was this what you were thinking of?:


Is the one I’ve visited, has graves for both ww1 and 2. It’s certainly not the only one.


yeah, there’s a bunch of those in belgium too… pure insanity


Hey, no worries. I think we can all appreciate the important reminder about the importance of mental health awareness, a topic we should all talk more about.

I really regret not doing anything for inktober… But hey, I am not a drawer and what’s one more regret in life?


I don’t really like what I posted yesterday. I spent several days trying to come up with what to say and how to say it and it’s still lacking something, none of it is quite right, but time was up. I’ve considered deleting the post, but I’ll just try to move past it and go play in the snow instead.

11th of Paintober: Snow



Haha, lovely sweden.


Bob must be the one driving the car.


Might be @YQMaoski driving his DiRT Rally Car.


Yup, looks about right! haha!


Then Bob must be the co-driver!


Oh dear :exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head:


Big piles of snow are great at hiding treasure and trash alike, mostly trash though to be honest… it’s mostly trash, and dog shit.

12th of Paintober: Dragon