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Inktober 01

Would you believe me if I told you that I thought this started tomorrow?
As such, have a run of the mill ring

I’ll have something more substantial as this goes on


Well I guess the Paintober train will keep rolling for a while longer, because damn it if I didn’t start having ideas to try out. So here’s for the

2nd of Paintober: Mindless!

Yes I can already feel my mastery of this medium reaching unfathomable levels!


Inktober 02

Prompt 2: Mindless

“Trees are an underdeveloped country thing, OK?!”


Inktober 02

Old school days, bit more time I had with this one, I finished before 12:00 pm, I swear, is the scanning that took long P:

Should I date these things? I barely bother to put my signature there let alone a date.


Well yesterday our mind was all empty. Lets head out on the internet and see if we can’t find something nice to fill it with, oh look at all this neat stuff!

3rd of Paintober: Bait!

Actually had to put a bit of effort into this one, making tiny symbols in a pile recognizable took some work. Getting them to look like they were strewn around and not lined up neatly made it all the more so.

I also think most of you missed my ‘hidden’ submission yesterday.


My two Inktober days so far:

[The One] Ring


And keeping to the geek theme:

I haven’t drawn in over a year! It feels great to take time out for it again :blush:


Inktober 03

I’m getting really good at this scratching the dead line thing.

Inspired by a certain Monster Hunter NPC


I think we ventured into a bad part of the internet yesterday, lets go over here and have a look instead.

alright then.

4th of paintober: Freeze!

ゆっくり - Perfect%20freeze
I’m not expecting too many of you to really get this one. But if you do please feel free to explain it to the rest. I’ve decided to dabble into colour now and I like how this one turned out, even redid it a couple of times.


I did a really quick sketch and was too busy to post yesterday. Sorry guys! Here you go.

Inktober 03



Too good. I think we need some more basic art for this Inktober.


Inktober 04

I’ll be honest I kinda forgot about it today, so I drew this last minute:

One of my favorite Batman villains, Mister Freeze.
Even if it doesn’t look that much like him.


Oh dear, looks like we’ve filled our mind with ideological hostility and weeb shit, it’s a wash at this rate. Huh? What’s that I hear? “Can we fix it?” oh look who’s here.

5th of Paintober: Build!



Crap. I forgot to post yesterday’s. I’m really bad at being social about my art haha

I’m loving everyone’s entries. I might just have to make @Pylinaer’s snowman my new best friend (and I love the dog)!

Also @Inferry why are you so good? POR QUE CHICO

Inktober 04


I tried drawing frozone but I did this on a rush so…


I drew Frappe Snowland from memory FYI. Even though i don’t think Chain Chomps were an item when that course was available.


Thanks for the help earlier Bob, how have you been doing? Work been stressful lately? Been hard to maintain good habits and taking care of yourself. Can he fix it?

6th of Paintober: Husky



I’m sorry that I’m posting in the proper thread first ;]


Skipped a day but not the draw

Inktober 05

Inktober 06

This looked way better on pencil imo, sorry for the lack of detail, I’m not used to the tool.


Oh I don’t know about this, Bob. There are no shortcuts to physical health, fad diets and weird supplements are usually scams. Many of them would have to be magic to work even half as well as they claim.

7th of Paintober: Enchanted



Oh dear, oh no, how did this happen Bob? There’s always a price to pay when messing with supernatural forces. You poor unfortunate soul.

8th of Paintober: Frail



9th of Paintober: Swing.