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Fine Art from Creative Chronies!



I wish you had all the time in the world…Such awesome drawings :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


Most definitely you, there was supposed to have big battle on the background with other Chronnies involved, but alas, I have a job.
Hurrah for night shifts!!! D:

Suppor me on my non-existing Patreon so I can quit my daily job like the pros. :+1:


Can u list me a few games yr currently interested in besides Slay the Spire? I briefly looked at yr wishlist but it’s ginormous.


:thinking: I don’t have any on mind really, I’ve been too focused on saving for a new PC to be able to play the ones I already have to be honest, why do you ask? :slight_smile:

By the way, don’t pay too much attention to my wish list, I often put things there to “check out later” because something they do or have catches my attention, but I always forget to check them out later P:

PD. please, don’t wait for my entry, if you want to wait because you want go on, but otherwise it would be unfair for the others me thinks.


yeah, the giveaway ended a while ago, and Slay the Spire’s price is a bit too steep atm to buy it, otherwise I would have gotten u an extra copy :slight_smile: which is why im asking if there’s anything else u’d like atm


This month’s humble monthly is still up, right? So it’s only $12 if anyone really want to pick it up.


that’s where i got the one i used for the giveaway (got my friend to buy me a year-long)


Well, there you go, I didn’t even notice that, that’s how disconnected I’ve been :neutral_face:

But seriously, don’t worry about it, I missed the deadline after all, and is not like I’m demanding something in return, such is life.

Better save it for another day :smile:


Do you have/like Enter the Gungeon? That’s a great game.

@Inferry u don’t have it; i checked, so do you like Enter the Gungeon?

It’s a great game.

I’m sure you like it cuz who doesn’t!


I wish…:thinking:

Sux living on a pension…:pensive:


I’m done with my simple custom desk design… I know it’s not ART per say, but it took a while, so I think it’s worth it to post here.

It needs to be custom made, so I cut cost with placing simple handles; reducing the number of drawers and their mechanisms; placing supports only where it’s necessary. Made it modular with 2 main desks - the main one is 220 cm in length to be able to hold 3 x 24" monitors at least, while having the extra blueprint/storage desk on the corner - 120 cms = 180 cm with the full corner. I can order them separately to cut costs even further and that’s why I made the PC stand stand alone with a single drawer in it. The container on wheels with 4 drawers is just an unnecessary extra that will be the last thing I get.

It seems I can’t upload HQ renders - BMP format with high resolution, so simple PNG ones need to do the job. :slight_smile: … and yeah… seems they need to be in reduced quality as well 'cuz I can’t post above 10 MB renders in size :smiley:

Extra Renders


I would get lost in there. Very impressive. I wouldn’t be able to work in there. I would be looking all over and saying…“My precious” :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


I can’t find the problem there :thinking:

Lovely desk, would build again for the first time, 10/10, :+1:


:paintbrush: INKTOBER :paintbrush:

Hi girls, boys, aliens, and sloths. Our dear @delenn13 recently suggested that all artists in the house give Inktober a go. So how about we spring this thread back to life with fierce chest compressions?

With that said, I’d like to suggest all those participating signal their daily entry with a headline, so that we can keep track of each other’s work! Something like:

### Inktober Day 01

This gives you a reasonably-sized headline (the one on top of this post is 1 hashtag, so it’s hella big). I’m unlikely to participate daily but… I’ll try to join in with doodles whenever I can.

Inktober Day -02

I’ve recently gone and gifted myself a gorgeous 12-color set of Derwent’s inktense blocks! They’re watercolor, except that once they dry they become permanent! Which means you can do layer work, inking, and much more without moving your previous work around.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t absolutely smitten. Watercolor is a technique I’ve always hated. Now with a beginner’s brush set, excellent “paint” and, most importantly, patience, I find myself itching to go back to drawing and sliding my brush across the paper.

I’ve also bought myself a very nice Hahnemühle sketchbook. Sadly it’s only 140g/m². The 190g/m² was only a bit more expensive but it didn’t occur to me when buying… oops. hah! 160 pages is a lot and overall I’m hella happy with my purchase. The pages handle some light water-coloring and that’s what I’m going to showcase bellow.

To the ones who are extra curious about materials:

Bellow I’m using the aforementioned inktense blocks for coloring, my 140g/m² pages (because I fear nothing), Micron 0.1 and Brush waterproof ink pens and a Unipin 0.5 waterproof inkpen. Unipin is my ink pen brand of choice, but they were out so I went with Micron.

Oh! I also used red 0.5 Pentel mechanical pencil “graphite” for the sketch.

They were my first attempts at watercolor since preschool so be kind haha!

I really like mixing techniques so I’m happy with the result. The lady is no one in particular and the words (the top got cut off because it’s hard to scan hard-bound pages without ripping them off) are the lyrics from:

:musical_note: :musical_note: :musical_note:

She comes up for a breath
Fuck the rest, she’s the best
Her eyes are laser-beaming me
Suspending all reality
And just as soon as she smiles
She puts her sunglasses on
I haven’t felt this in a while
She breaks me down in style

:musical_note: :musical_note: :musical_note:


Since I didn’t want to disappoint @onLooSe now that he some how got the idea in his head that I was for some reason going to participate in a drawing event when I have not drawn anything worth a shit since primary school. Here’s my twist on it.

For the first of #PAINTOBER

Although I kind of feel like there’s two words here fighting for full custody of that T. Let me present to you my masterful creation “Ring”.
Hell that’s almost good enough to be MS word clipart if I do say so myself!


Inktober Day 01

@Fraggles has inaugurated our Inktober with what’s likely going to be the finest drawing in this friendly competition.

If anyone is interested in using prompts, here are the official 2019 prompts as helpfully linked by @GDBringer in the Inktober thread:


Feel free to ignore them if you want to! I’ll be inking soon… :blush:


Inktober 01

Prompt 1: “Ring” :ring:

You sure you wanna get married?


> hail satan


Because 120 centimeters with only back support is too long I had to rework my desk and here we go…

A bit art style render :slight_smile: and less than 90 cms of unsupported space on the long 220 cms desk.

It will be a light show with all the RGB shit and the left PC panel being glass.


Well I did my first inking for inktober using the prompt and… it didn’t turn out great. But, it makes me want to get back into art again which I think is the most important and purpose of this event. I don’t feel comfortable posting it, but maybe I’ll post something else I’m a little more proud of. No idea how long I will keep up with inktober, but I at least tried it out. :slight_smile: