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Fine Art from Creative Chronies!



The new thread for the creative and talented people is now up!

Go ahead and share your drawings, paintings, digital art, photographs, or anything else art related to others and talk about them. You can even ask for opinions or ways to improve if you want.

Progression and work in progress pictures are welcome as well. (i like to see those)

Also feel free to write a little story alongside your art if you feel like it, it would be a fun read i’m sure! :slight_smile:


I’ll start with a couple of my photos if y’all don’t mind. :relaxed:


I think you didn’t post the photo of the church reflected on water on C.GG yet. I may be wrong. Can you check and add? It’s my favorite of yours.


I did post that already, it was the first photo i posted here. :blush: Here it is!


Black and white’s my jam, so that photo is my favorite, but I really like the first one. It seems unreal to me, you know what I mean? It looks like it’s been rendered for a videogame or something, which is great by the way.


Thank you, i like black and white style as well, so i dug this up for you! :relaxed:
And i know what you mean, it took a good couple of tries until i got that shot but it was worth it. :slight_smile:


Good job @nick9x9
And that camera shot is soooooo good
I wish I had a good picture to post.


Most of my art time goes into making a webcomic (not sure if it’s alright to link it here), here’s a recent page:

I also do pixel art:


This is some Superhero guy I made up. I can’t think of anything to do with him atm, but I like his design.

“Eye-Ris” is his name. Super creative, I know.

(are plugs okay? I have links to my twitter and deviantart in my bio in case anyone’s interested. don’t hurt me)


This thread warms my heart, thanks :smiley:


First of all, thank you for the thread @NICK9X9, simply amazing! I have to congratulate all of you guys for the good work that you made as well. Undoubtedly the third one. Yea, I love nature pictures :raising_hand_man:t5:


Here’s something from my old notebook.


Interesting style, I especially like this Batman portrait.


Thank you! :smiley:


Thank you, i appreciate it! :blush: @Nateninja21 @Silk

And @eishiya @Satanwee @WikiTora,those are some really nice artworks and art styles you got there, awesome production everybody, i love all of them, thank you for sharing them with us! :grinning:


Wow you guys are super talented :+1:

Here are some drawings from me :smiley:

(Link to my DeviantArt gallery if you want to see more)

I also take a lot of photos but I’m unable to decide on which to post xD I already posted some in The World Through Your eyes discussion though :slight_smile:


This one is cool, I like it.

I’ve done something similar ages ago, but almost monochrome. It’s hidden somewhere inside my archive… good luck finding it, but I’ll try :confused:


Thanks a lot :smile: I personally think this is the worst drawing on my page but, oh well xD
If you can find your drawing, I’m realy interested in seeing it ^^


what amounts to finger painting. One wound up being my Twitch banner

This photograph using some various gaming stuff…

Became a wallpaper for Twitch and a Facebook group.
The Dice usually wind up getting cut off but it still works.


I’ve always worked in cognitive-heavy fields, so my off-hours are spent with lots of physical or hands-on activities. Two of those are cooking and baking, love both. Last night I made a (loosely-based) Santa Rosa salad and while scooping out the avocado I noticed my cuts made the skins look like beetle shells, the outer chitin part that protects the fragile wings!

So I now call this dish Mohawk Beetle salad because this is how my brain works: