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Fine Art from Creative Chronies!



That’s a professional looking dish, really well made.
If you want, here’s some easy tricks about lighting in food photography.

This technique is best used during the morning hours, as it take advantage of natural sunlight.

Tape a tissue paper sheet to a well lit window. This will be your softbox.

Then, place your dish in front of the window. Position your camera having the light coming from the right side.

Now you’ll need to fill some of the shadows. You can use the lids from those disposable aluminium trays. This will be your reflective panel (some may call it frost).
To the left of your dish, out of frame, place as many lids as needed, with the aluminium side facing your dish, reflecting the sunlight.

Optional: by using a tripod and long exposures, you can move the lids to paint light on your dishes.

Be creative, have fun! :wink:


Such Creative Chronies…I love it.:hugs:

Last day for this…


I’m a bit of an artist myself, if I do say so myself. I specialise in merger and acquisitions and of course improvement of online media. Let me share with you all a few of my most recent works that I’m greatly proud of.

I call this one “Cloud storage processing and compression”

I think this one speaks deeply to everyone and needs no further explanations.

This is one of my favourites, it’s just easy and profitable. Who needs feet anyway, they’re gross. Get that shit out of MY art.

*If any of you desire that I remove these bastardisations of your wonderful works then just let me know and I’ll do so asap.


Thanks, @Fraggles. :+1:t2:You reminded me of something we used to do in a graphics forum I was once a member.(I was terrible…I just played and made ugly stuff.). Thread to follow when I get some time…LOL


I know right, who needs feet? Worst of all, they’re super hard to draw!





I made some things in Tearaway; do they count?



This is something I am really sorry to hear.



I cried a little.

Second museum on fire in two years. Last time it was a really big one in my city, São Paulo.

Plus my favorite museum was shut down for “maintenance” and hasn’t opened in what… 5 years? No ETA, and the paintings are starting to get moldy and stuff… Originals.

The list goes on…


This is so sad…All those artifacts…Just Gone!:sob:


So I am just trying something out and creating an image I thought would be interesting but I know I am no good at art. This is the preliminary stuff based on some images I found and tried to replicate (hands need to move obviously and the other stuff filled in and put in place), but I am a little lost on shading and how to make it look more lively. Suggestions from the more experienced?


I see a stark contrast between the hands and the controller, which I like. Did you planned the effect? You can go even more overboard by using a photo for the controller.
Some fingers are a bit off, out of place. Try drawing the whole finger, behind the controller.
Pink skin is a bit bland, I would add some fur and different colors, those can be the hands of Fox and friends :wink:


So I was thinking to add this to a shirt comp thing for fun (not expecting much from it) so no pictures are allowed. I was trying for the contrast, as much as the controller is a part of the image the hands are important. I know the fingers are out of place right now but that it to be fixed later (i am using gimp so they are on different layers, I can move them as I wish). As for fur and things I would have no idea where to begin on drawing that in and making it look good.


You can work on the outlines and then add some hint of fur on the actual hand. Doesn’t need to be realistic.

Here’s a nice starting point.


I’ve opened the Pandora’s box…
Here’s some pictures from my archive.




My master edit




i flipped the mouth is this art?


Put it on a canvas and it can sell for millions in New York